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Adds a DOM event handler to the DOM element; also aliased by the $addHandler shortcut Adds a list of DOM event handlers to the DOM element; also aliased by the $addHandlers shortcut. Removes all DOM event handlers from the DOM element that were added through the addHandler or the addHandlers methods; also aliased by the $clearHandlers shortcut Prevents the default DOM event from executing Removes a DOM event handler from the DOM element that exposes the event; also aliased by the $removeHandler shortcut Stops the propagation of an event to its parent elements
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Note In Oracle 10g Release 1 and above, a simple FOR
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Use the Math class. Use preprocessor symbols and directives.
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The SearchSession state becomes very easy, because all it has to do is initiate the asynchronous operation: case GameState.SearchSession: { NetworkSession.BeginFind(NetworkSessionType.SystemLink, 2, null, EndAsynchSearch, null); log.Add("ASynch search started - proceed to Searching"); log.Add("Searching");
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Listing 6-9. Generating the DOM
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Starting workflows from within the Office 2007 client applications: Figure 3-18 shows the Workflows option dialog box, which is available on the Office Button menu. While the Workflows option is only available for documents opened from a SharePoint server, selecting it will bring up a screen similar to what you have seen before that lets you choose which workflow to start. Figure 3-18 assumes that MOSS and Forms Services are available. WSS alone or combined with Forms Server cannot deliver this level of integration. In that case, the dialog box would open in a browser.
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DayOfYear TimeOfDay Millisecond Second Minute
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<code> <example> <param> <remarks> <returns> <seealso> <summary> <value>
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The SmartDate type is a Structure that contains and extends a DateTime value. It is discussed in 2 from a design perspective. The type is declared like this: <Serializable()> _ <System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter( _ GetType(Csla.Core.TypeConverters.SmartDateConverter))> _ Public Structure SmartDate Implements Csla.Core.ISmartField Implements IComparable Implements IConvertible Implements IFormattable Implements Csla.Serialization.Mobile.IMobileObject End Structure
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if( TestExpr ) Statement1 else Statement2
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