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LoadMap(new VELatLong(47.7512121212, -122.43234), 9 ,'r');
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Inheritance is an extremely powerful concept that allows one type to subclass another type. Using inheritance, it s possible to define some functionality in the base class, which is then modified or defined in a derived class. Inheritance is much like building a house, where you start with the foundation and then build on the foundation. A simple example of a class subclassing another class is as follows: class BaseClass { } class Derived : BaseClass { } The class BaseClass is a type definition that s considered the foundation. The class Derived inherits the functionality from the base type BaseClass. In C#, inheritance is defined by the class or interfaces after the colon character, and three main types support inheritance. The three types that support inheritance are defined as follows: class: A generic type that supports most inheritance operations. A class can define methods, data members, and most things that .NET classes need to implement. interface: A special class type that doesn t support an implementation. Interfaces are used to define a contract in the form of a type. struct: A special type of class that s a value type and considered to be a sealed class. (A sealed class is a class that can be used, but not subclassed from. In a value type, contents of the type are stored on the stack.)
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Once you have figured out the game play, you can move on to describing the various levels (or worlds or rooms) that will be incorporated in your game. This is where you provide a map of the physical layout of the game, detailing different levels and how they are ordered or connected. Storyboarding is an effective way to conceptualize and paint a picture of the game levels, as well as the overall game vision. It is vital that the graphic design and development teams work together to achieve the desired concept. Storyboarding provides a necessary starting point for setting a foundation for what is yet to come. This process begins with the original concept being drafted on paper as simple sketches. As Figure 5-1 illustrates, at PosiMotion, we create hand sketches for our games before jumping on the computer and creating more elaborate digital designs, or mock-ups.
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For the vast majority of programming in C#, you don t need to know anything about the hardware underneath. If you re doing bitwise manipulation of signed numbers, however, it can be helpful to know about the numeric representation. The underlying hardware represents signed binary numbers in a form called two s complement. In two s-complement representation, positive numbers have their normal binary form. To negate a number, you take the bitwise negation of the number and add 1 to it. This process turns a positive number into its negative representation and vice versa. In two s complement, all negative numbers have a 1 in the leftmost bit position. Figure 8-6 shows the negation of the number 12.
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<Rectangle Fill="blue" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" Width="100" Height="100"></Rectangle> <Rectangle Fill="Red" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="1" Width="100" Height="100"></Rectangle> <Rectangle Fill="Yellow" Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" Width="100" Height="100"></Rectangle> <Rectangle Fill="Green" Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="1" Width="100" Height="100"></Rectangle> 4. 5. Let s add the ability to navigate to this page on the main menu. Open ~/MainMenu.xaml.cs. Add the following code to the MainMenu_Loaded() method: this.cmdGrid.Click += new RoutedEventHandler(cmdGrid_Click); 6. Add the following event handler: void cmdGrid_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { PageNavigator.LoadPage(new Layout.GridTest()); } 7. Press F5 to run the application you should see a page like Figure 14-9.
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Elapsed time between suggestions (in milliseconds) Number of suggestions to get from the web service Boolean value indicating whether or not client caching is enabled Minimum number of characters before suggestions are made Name of the web method used to retrieve the suggestions Path of the web service used to retrieve a list of suggestions Target TextBox control for which suggestions will be made
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Gets a FileInfo object for the selected file. If multiple files are selected, returns the first selected file. Gets a collection of FileInfo objects for the selected files. Defines filter string that specifies the file types and descriptions to display in the OpenFileDialog. The default is Empty, which displays all files. Filter consists of a description of the filter followed by a vertical bar (|) and the filter pattern. You can specify one or more file types. You can use a semicolon (;) to define more than one file type for the same description (pattern). If you want to specify all files with the same extension you use start and full point (*.) followed by the file extension (e.g., *.png). If you want to select all files you use (*.*). You should not put any space before or after the vertical bars (|) in the filter string to avoid unexpected behavior. The filter description Image Files (*.JPG and *.PNG)|*.jpg;*.png will show Image Files (*.JPG and *.PNG) in the filter drop-down list and shows only *.jpg and *.png files when it is selected. Defines the index of the selected item in the OpenFileDialog filter drop-down list. Defines whether the OpenFileDialog allows users to select multiple files or not. Default is false (i.e., single file selection).
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to define a new operator with its own precedence rules such as an exponentiation operator you couldn t do it. Unfortunately, C++/CLI adds to the long list of highly sophisticated languages that suffer from the omission of the exponentiation operator, so until some enlightened language designer chooses to change that, we have to concede to the FORTRAN fans that theirs is, after all, the language designed better for the expression of mathematical formulas. I m sorry, but the pow function is as poor an alternative as the add function would be for the + operator. I can only conclude that it s obvious that there is a cultural gap between computer language designers and computational scientists. OK, I ll get off my soap box now. However, despite these limitations, operator overloading is useful for many situations.
Figure 4-28. The 2D pointer corresponds to a Ray in 3D space. As a result, if you want the check which Model the pointer is over, you need to check whether the Ray collides with any Models. Therefore, this recipe will use the code of recipe 4-18. It s entirely possible that the Ray intersects with multiple Models. This recipe also shows how you can detect which Model is the closest to the screen.
By default, alpha blending is enabled when drawing with the SpriteBatch class. However, you can turn off alpha blending (try this to see the difference!) or set the mode to Additive blending. In the latter case, every color you render to a pixel is added to the color that was already present in that pixel. So using this mode, if you draw a blue pixel over a red pixel, you get a purple pixel. If you draw a green rectangle over this purple pixel, you get a green rectangle containing a white pixel. This mode is used for effects such as fire or explosions, which are composed of many sprites and are additively blended, as you can read in recipe 3-12. XNA allows you to set the blending mode of the SpriteBatch class as an argument in the SpriteBatch.Begin method, where you specify one of these SpriteBlendMode states: SpriteBlendMode.None turns off the blending and will render the image to the screen neglecting any transparency information it carries and thus overwriting any images already present in deeper layers. SpriteBlendMode.AlphaBlend uses a portion of the existing color and a portion of the color contained in the new image, corresponding to the alpha value specified in the image. This corresponds to the example on the car windows. SpriteBlendMode.Additive adds the color of the new image to the color already present in the frame buffer.
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