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The RolesEdit and ProjectList forms implement methods to retrieve the central business object from Session, or to retrieve it from the database as necessary. This not only implements a type of cache to reduce load on the database, but it provides support for the browser s Back button as well. The same thing is done in ProjectEdit: private Project GetProject() { object businessObject = Session["currentObject"]; if (businessObject == null || !(businessObject is Project)) { try { string idString = Request.QueryString["id"]; if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(idString)) { Guid id = new Guid(idString); businessObject = Project.GetProject(id); } else businessObject = Project.NewProject(); Session["currentObject"] = businessObject; } catch (System.Security.SecurityException) { Response.Redirect("ProjectList.aspx"); } } return (Project)businessObject; } As before, if there s no object in Session, or if the object isn t a Project, then a Project is retrieved from the database. But the code here is a bit more complex than that in the other forms. Notice that the Request.QueryString property is used to get the id value (if any) passed in on the page s URL. If an id value was passed into the page, that value is used to retrieve an existing Project: Guid id = new Guid(idString); businessObject = Project.GetProject(id); Otherwise, a new Project is created for the page: businessObject = Project.NewProject(); Either way, the resulting object is placed into Session and is also returned as a result from the method. It is possible for a user to navigate directly to ProjectEdit.aspx, providing no id value on the URL. In such a case, the user might not be authorized to add a Project, and so a SecurityException would result. In that case, the user is simply redirected to the ProjectList page, where they can safely view the list of projects.
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The number of whole days in the interval. The number of whole hours in the interval. The number of whole minutes in the interval. The number of whole seconds in the interval. A literal string (see Listing 22-7 for an example). The escape character.
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To bind controls to an object, choose the Data Add New Data Source menu option in Visual Studio to bring up the Data Source Configuration Wizard. Choose the Object option in the first step, as shown in Figure 9-6.
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This transformation is indicated by the arrow going from a in Figure 5-31 to b in Figure 5-31. In a in Figure 5-31, the coordinates of the normal (0.3,0,0.8) are given in the local tangent coordinates, while in the top-right image, the coordinates of the normal (0.2,0,0.85) are defined in object coordinates (verify that with the axes of both systems). Although this is a meaningful 3D direction, it is entirely possible that you are rendering the tower using a World matrix containing a rotation (for example, to render the Tower of Pisa). In this case, the normal you obtained should get rid of this rotation to obtain the absolute (world) direction of the normal. This is indicated by the arrow going from b in Figure 5-31 to c in Figure 5-31 (note in this image that the object coordinate system is indeed a rotated version of the world coordinate system). Finally, you obtain the normal vector in world coordinates, ready to be compared with the light direction. .net
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Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
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Figure 7-6. Adding or updating a root object
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Figure 5-1. Comparing simple root objects (left) and collection root objects (right) This approach isn t recommended when there are large numbers of potential child objects, because the retrieval process can become too slow. However, it can be useful in cases where you can specify criteria to limit the number of objects returned. To create an editable root collection object, use a template like this: [Serializable] public class EditableRootList : BusinessListBase<EditableRootList, EditableChild> { #region Authorization Rules private static void AddObjectAuthorizationRules() { // TODO: add authorization rules //AuthorizationRules.AllowGet(typeof(EditableRootList), "Role"); } #endregion #region Factory Methods public static EditableRootList NewEditableRootList() { return DataPortal.Create<EditableRootList>(); } public static EditableRootList GetEditableRootList(int id) { return DataPortal.Fetch<EditableRootList>( new SingleCriteria<EditableRootList, int>(id)); }
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The void keyword is used in a method definition to indicate that no result will be returned.
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Tip Recipe 5-7 contains an example of a cylinder. Make sure culling is on, and try moving your camera
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What this chapter covers:
Nothing is returned from this method, as it doesn t generate a business object. If the delete operation itself fails, it should throw an exception, which will be returned to the client as an indicator of failure. At this point, the role of Csla.DataPortal as gateway to the data portal overall should be clear. The other end of the channel adapter is the Csla.Server.DataPortal class, which is also the entry point to the message router pattern. The details of Csla.Server.DataPortal will be discussed later in the chapter, as part of the message router section. First though, let s walk through the various proxy and host classes that implement the four channels implemented by CSLA .NET.
By adding acceleration, you can define how fast your model can speed up. It is the amount of speed you will add to the current speed of your model each frame.
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