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The javax.swing Package
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By now, you know that the easiest and fastest way to add AJAX functionality to an existing ASP.NET application is to use the ASP.NET AJAX server controls, mainly the UpdatePanel. For the purposes of this chapter, we assume that the project itself has already been ASP.NET AJAX-enabled, and the appropriate changes have been made to the Web.Config file as shown in the earlier chapters. As you know all too well, if you have not created an AJAX-enabled ASP.NET web site/project, the very first step before the addition of any ASP.NET AJAX server controls is
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The class implements System.ICloneable like all base classes in CSLA .NET. The implementation is identical to that in BusinessListBase, so I won t duplicate it here. The clone operation is available via ICloneable and through a Public strongly typed Clone() method. Other than the data access code that will be implemented in 4, this completes the read-only collection base class and this chapter.
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Minor Performance Improvement
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Once this rotation matrix has been found, the camera s View matrix can be constructed using the technique shown in recipe 2-2: private void UpdateViewMatrix() { Vector3 cameraOriginalTarget = new Vector3(0, 0, -1); Vector3 cameraOriginalUpVector = new Vector3(0, 1, 0); Vector3 cameraRotatedTarget = Vector3.Transform(cameraOriginalTarget, cameraRotation); Vector3 cameraFinalTarget = cameraPosition + cameraRotatedTarget; Vector3 cameraRotatedUpVector = Vector3.Transform(cameraOriginalUpVector, cameraRotation); viewMatrix = Matrix.CreateLookAt(cameraPosition, cameraFinalTarget, cameraRotatedUpVector); }
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ASPX People Editor
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Coded Token Types
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// From SuperLib
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s Note
Figure 11-2. Index block with OWNER column repeated We could factor the repeated OWNER column out of this, resulting in a block that looks more like Figure 11-3.
DependencyObject Binding
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