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This book is a practical reference written for intermediate to advanced .NET solution developers and architects who are interested in SOA and Web services development. The book focuses on two key areas:
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right-click the project in Visual Studio s Solution Explorer and click Add Figure 7-24. Class, as I do in
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Each WPF application needs an Application object that owns the main window and other windows of the program. The Application class can be found in the Microsoft.SPOT namespace in the Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore.dll assembly. First of all, it shows the main window and enters the message loop. Once the message loop is entered with the Run method, the method does not return until the last window is closed. You might know this behavior from WinForms applications. Listing 11-15 shows a minimal WPF application with an empty window. The members of the Application class are shown in Listing 11-16. Listing 11-15. A Minimal WPF Application using System; using Microsoft.SPOT; using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation; namespace MFWindowApplication7 { public class Program { public static void Main() { Application app = new Application(); Window mainWindow = new Window(); app.Run(mainWindow); } } }
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Using Results as Data Sources
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This statement will compile but throw an exception at runtime, so you should avoid casting in this way.
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the 3D position is not multiplied with the World matrix, because you need the direction from the center of the cube to the vertex, which equals vertex position minus center position. Because of the way you defined the vertices of your cube, in the original space (called model space), the position of the center is (0,0,0), so the direction simply becomes the vertex position!
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Note For this example, you could get away with simply overwriting the old colors with the new ones.
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You can simulate devices connected to the I2C bus nearly as easily as serial devices. As a base class for all simulated I2C devices with the emulator, you need to extend the abstract emulator component class I2cDevice (see Listing 13-22). The I2cDevice class possesses only the Address property, which describes the address of the I2C module at the bus for the emulator. Listing 13-22. The Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.I2c.I2cDevice Class using Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator; using System; namespace Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.I2c { public abstract class I2cDevice : EmulatorComponent
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the GlitchFilterTime static property of the Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Cpu class. This property is a time span: all signal changes within the indicated time span are ignored. By default, GlitchFilterTime equals 0 seconds, that is, nothing will be filtered. With the following line of code, you can set the time span for the glitch filter to 5 milliseconds: Cpu.GlitchFilterTime = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 0, 0, 5); The last constructor parameter indicates the resistor mode. A simple switch can be either open or closed. A microcontroller requires a defined input voltage, which should be either high (3.3 volts) or low (0 volts) at the digital GPIO inputs. For a switch, you need to add either a pullup or pull-down resistor, so that the microcontroller gets a defined voltage (remaining either high or low, nothing in between). If no resistor is added, the input signal is undefined if the switch is opened. An undefined input signal is floating due to external electrical interference, a noise on the line might occur, since the line can work like an antenna. Whether a resistor is a pull-up or pull-down resistor depends on where it is wired (see Figure 5-3). A resistor placed between 3.3 volts (VCC+) and the GPIO line is a pull-up resistor. A resistor between the ground and the GPIO pin against it is a pull-down resistor. A switch that is placed between 3.3 volts (VCC+) and the GPIO input port (see the pull-down configuration in Figure 5-3) will set the GPIO line on 3.3 volts when it is closed. That means the voltage at the GPIO input line is 0 volts (low) if the switch is opened and 3.3 volts (high) when it is closed. With a push button, you will read logical high (true) when the button is pressed. If a push button is wired with a pull-up resistor, the logic levels will be inverted. That means you will read a high state (true) when the button is not pressed and low (false) when it is pressed. reading barcode sample code 128 freeware
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If you do not use managed backing fields to store your child object references, you ll need to override this method to also check the IsDirty status of your child objects. I recommend always using managed backing fields for child references so you don t need to worry about this issue.
Figure 14-6. Automatic initialization of a one-dimensional array
// Condition // Expression 1 // Expression 2
The switch that overrides the proxy type from SoapClient (default) to WebClient, which derives the generated proxy class from WebServicesClientProtocol, as opposed to the default SoapClient class. The switch that overrides the default protocol from HTTP POST to SOAP, SOAP12, or HTTP GET. The output directory to create files in. The default is the current directory. The short form is /o.
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