Listing 5-20. Initializing Array Elements with Constructors // arrays_nondefault_ctor.cpp using namespace System; ref class C { public: C(int i) { Value = i; } property int Value; }; int main() { array<C^>^ array_C = { gcnew C(0), gcnew C(1), gcnew C(2)}; Console::WriteLine( " {0}, {1}, {2} ", array_C[0]->Value, array_C[1]->Value, array_C[2]->Value); } The output of Listing 5-20 is as follows:
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And the collection objects are every bit as complex as the business objects themselves. The application must handle the simple case in which a user edits an existing LineItem, but it must also handle the case in which a user adds a new LineItem and then cancels changes to the parent or grandparent, resulting in the new LineItem being discarded. Equally, it must handle the case in which the user deletes a LineItem and then cancels changes to the parent or grandparent, thereby causing that deleted object to be restored to the collection as though nothing had ever happened. N-level undo is a perfect example of complex code that shouldn t be written into every business object. Instead, this functionality should be written once, so that all business objects support the concept and behave the way we want them to. This functionality will be incorporated directly into the business object framework but at the same time, the framework must be sensitive to the different environments in which the objects will be used. Although n-level undo is of high importance when building sophisticated Windows user experiences, it s virtually useless in a typical web environment. In web-based applications, the user typically doesn t have a Cancel button. They either accept the changes, or navigate away to another task, allowing the application to simply discard the changed object. In this regard, the web environment is much simpler, so if n-level undo isn t useful to the web
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This method contains all the code explained earlier. Based on any (X,Z) coordinate, whether integer or floating point, the method returns the exact height above this point. First you check that the point that is requested is on the terrain. If it isn t, you return a default height of 10. public float GetExactHeightAt(float xCoord, float zCoord) { bool invalid = xCoord < 0; invalid |= zCoord < 0; invalid |= xCoord > heightData.GetLength(0) - 1; invalid |= zCoord > heightData.GetLength(1) - 1; if (invalid) return 10; int xLower = (int)xCoord; int xHigher = xLower + 1; float xRelative = (xCoord - xLower) / ((float)xHigher - (float)xLower); int zLower = (int)zCoord; int zHigher = zLower + 1; float zRelative = (zCoord - zLower) / ((float)zHigher - (float)zLower); float float float float heightLxLz heightLxHz heightHxLz heightHxHz = = = = heightData[xLower, zLower]; heightData[xLower, zHigher]; heightData[xHigher, zLower]; heightData[xHigher, zHigher]; = (xRelative + zRelative < 1);
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This allows the same code to be run on multiple machines. If they are connected to the same network, the first machine should create the session, while the others should detect and join it automatically. protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime) { if (GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex.One).Buttons.Back == ButtonState.Pressed) this.Exit(); if (this.IsActive) { switch (currentGameState) { case GameState.SignIn: { if (Gamer.SignedInGamers.Count < 1) { Guide.ShowSignIn(1, false); log.Add("Opened User SignIn Interface"); } else { currentGameState = GameState.SearchSession; log.Add(Gamer.SignedInGamers[0].Gamertag + " logged in - proceed to SearchSession"); } } break; case GameState.SearchSession: { NetworkSessionProperties findProperties = new NetworkSessionProperties(); findProperties[0] = 3; findProperties[1] = 4096; AvailableNetworkSessionCollection activeSessions = NetworkSession.Find(NetworkSessionType.SystemLink, 4, findProperties); if (activeSessions.Count == 0) { currentGameState = GameState.CreateSession; log.Add("No active sessions found - proceed to CreateSession"); } else { AvailableNetworkSession networkToJoin = activeSessions[0]; networkSession = NetworkSession.Join(networkToJoin);
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The remaining statements check to see whether a filter is needed and, if so, create one: if (selectedCity != "All") {
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