Figure 7-16. Locate Storyboard1 in the XAML.
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} } } As shown in this Drop event, each dropped file is represented as a FileInfo object. The FileInfo object will allow opening and reading of the file and also provide a file profile. Before processing the JPG and PNG image files, you need to check whether each dropped file is a valid type of file. We used the Extension property of the FileInfo object to get the extension of the file to validate the file type. Each dropped JPG and PNG file is streamed and set as the source of a BitmapImage, which is then used as a source of the Image object. The image objects will be added as children to the ImageBox WrapPanel. Now you are all set to handle the dragged and dropped image files. At this point, if you run the project, you will be in a position to drop JPG and PNG image file(s) on the dropping zone of the application. All valid files will be inserted to the WrapPanel, as shown in Figure 7-1. If you have tried to drop any invalid file (any file type except JPG or PNG file type), you will receive a notification for each invalid dropped file, as shown in Figure 7-2.
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In contrast to Update(), the Delete() method is the simplest of the four. Like Fetch(), it creates an instance of the business object based on the criteria object: obj = CreateBusinessObject(criteria)
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You can flush the shared pool with the alter system flush shared_pool command. Flushing a shared pool throws away recreatable and freeable chunks. These chunks must be added to shared pool free lists under the protection of a shared pool child latch. Flushing the shared pool will increase activity against shared pool latches artificially and can lead to shared pool latch contention. Sometimes flushing the shared pool can improve performance. However, if you find that flushing the shared pool improves performance, the correct action is not to continue to flush, but to find the root cause of the fragmentation and resolve that.
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Completing the Framework
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WPF contains new effects for creating nonlinear movements using complex mathematical formulas to produce effects such as bouncy spring animations. You will look at how to utilize these in Silverlight 3.0 later in the chapter, but know that WPF 4.0 provides the following effects: BackEase BounceEase CircleEase CubicEase Elasticease ExponentialEase Quadraticease QuarticEase Quinticease PowerEase SineEase
// Field of nested class // Constructor // Increment method // Get counter value
The DataSource property points to the ProjectListBindingSource control. Again, this follows the new data binding approach, with which UI controls are bound to BindingSource controls, which in turn are bound to the underlying data source itself. Also notice the DisplayMember and ValueMember properties. DisplayMember indicates the property value from the data source that will be displayed to the user. ValueMember indicates the property from the data source that will be invisibly maintained for each item in the ListBox control. The ListBox control has a SelectedValue property that you can use to get the ValueMember value for the currently selected item in the ListBox. This makes it very easy to retrieve the Id value for the project that the user selected from the list.
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