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The UI application can be found within the ProjectTracker solution. The project is named PTWeb. The PTWeb interface uses a master page to provide consistency across all the pages in the site. The Default.aspx page provides a basic entry point to the website. Figure 10-6 shows what the page layout looks like.
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In your pivot table, the Product and Store fields are in the Row Labels area. Some stores haven t ordered every product, but you d like to see a complete list of stores under each product. That can make it easier to identify which stores have not ordered one of the products. A new store has just opened, and you d also like it included in the list. This problem is based on the Stores.xlsx sample workbook.
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The original collection performs the requested operation and adds or removes the child object. Of course, that triggers a ListChanged event from the original collection. Recall that in the constructor of SortedBindingList, the original collection s ListChanged event was handled by the SourceChanged() method. I ll cover the SourceChanged() method in a moment, and you ll see how the ListChanged event is suppressed when the add or remove operation is initiated by the view itself. The Insert() method is simpler: Public Sub Insert(ByVal index As Integer, ByVal item As T) _ Implements System.Collections.Generic.IList(Of T).Insert mList.Insert(index, item) End Sub Private Sub Insert(ByVal index As Integer, ByVal value As Object) _ Implements System.Collections.IList.Insert Insert(index, CType(value, T)) End Sub When a new item is inserted into the view, it is really inserted into the original collection. This results in the original collection raising its ListChanged event, and in turn the view then raises its ListChanged event (in the SourceChanged() method in the following code). The end result is that the view raises the ListChanged event exactly once, which is the desired goal.
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Table 11-3. Methods in the CommonRules Class
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These methods use the same special characters as the equivalent methods in the Directory class; see Listing 20-2 for an example of filtering. The base class of both FileInfo and DirectoryInfo is FileSystemInfo. You can use the GetFileSystemInfos method in the DirectoryInfo class to get an array that contains FileSystemInfo objects representing both files and directories. Some of the key members of the FileSystemInfo class are more restricted than the derived classes and are summarized in Table 20-10. Table 20-10. Selected System.IO.FileSystemInfo Members
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The closing price for the stock should go on the y axis, so it comes from .ItemArray[1] and is converted to a Double value. The original source from Yahoo! and the column on the DataTable encode the value as a string. This is retrieved and loaded into the ny variable. The date for the closing price should go onto the x axis. This uses the XDate class (also part of the ZedGraph library), which is the data type used by ZedGraph to store dates in a chart and automatically generate axes from them. When using a PointPairList, you encode the XDate into a Double. You can see this being encoded in the variable nx. Finally, you add the values for nx and ny to the PointPairList (called pt). To finalize drawing the chart, you load the PointPairList, set the visual configuration of the chart, and call the AxisChange method, which refreshes it. First set the XAxis to be date encoded so that it recognizes the Doubles as dates:
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The Control class provides the Background, Foreground, and Font properties. The Background and Foreground properties are of the type Brush. Specifying a background brush allows a control to fill its background. The Foreground property cannot be used with any built-in controls, though you can use it with your custom controls. Every control can have its own individual background that is filled entirely white by default. If you set a background to null, there will be no background drawn for the control (it is transparent), and you will see the background of its parent control. The .NET Micro Framework provides the following classes that descend from Control: Window, Border, ListBox, ListBoxItem, ScrollViewer, and ContentControl (see the class hierarchy in Figure 11-21).
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Figure 10-2. The authors data displayed in a grid for sorting First you ll dynamically generate the SQL (see SortIE.aspx in Web10). private void BindGrid(string sortExpr) { SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings ["localPubs"].ToString()); SqlCommand cm = new SqlCommand (string.Format( "select * from authors order by {0}", sortExpr), cn);
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