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Once you are running the anonymous block, you can drill down into oracle.exe in the Process Explorer view. As a double-check I always like to check the performance graph for the thread procexp has. You ll see in my case that the thread is accounting for almost 50 percent of available CPU, which is as you d expect this workload essentially consumes all of one CPU core, and the machine in question has two. Figure 5-3 shows this tab of the Process Monitor utility while the load is running.
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Figure 13-4. Simplified MVC routing process A typical MVC URL might be something like This URL would be handled as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The request is received and sent to the ASP.NET MVC routing engine. The routing engine looks at the URL and compares it with its mapping rules (you will look at these shortly, but for now know that they are defined in global.asax). The default ASP.NET MVC rules say the first part of the URL indicates which controller class will deal with this request (in this case, Product). The Product Controller class would then receive the request and look for a method (action in MVC terminology) named Detail. The Detail action receives the (optional) parameter 1. This parameter would then be used to retrieve a product from the application s model. The model would then pass the individual product to the controller class, which would then return it to the view. The view would then be rendered to the user. Figure 13-5 shows how a URL is divided up and processed with MVC s default rule set:
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Figure 8-17. Selecting the outbound file location
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When we deserialize XML, it turns the data into data that the application understands.
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We will revisit the Merged Resource Dictionary and Implicit Styling features in 8 in the context of styles.
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<asp:CommandField ShowEditButton="True" ShowDeleteButton="true"/>
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Finding the Exact Height Now that you know the relative values, the heights of the four surrounding vertices, and which triangle the point is in, you re finally ready to calculate the exact height. If the point is in the bottom-left triangle, thus when pointAboveLowerTriangle is true, the following is how you can find the height of any position in the triangle using bilinear interpolation: finalHeight = heightLxLz; finalHeight += zRelative * (heightLxHz - heightLxLz); finalHeight += xRelative * (heightHxLz - heightLxLz); For the single interpolation explained earlier, you started with the Y value of lowestX. Because this is double interpolation, you start with the Y value of lowestXlowestZ. In single interpolation, you added the height difference between maxY and minY, multiplied by the relative X value. In bilinear interpolation, you do this for the zRelative and xRelative values. In other words, you start with the height of the lower-left vertex. To this height, you add the height difference between this vertex and the vertex with a higher Z coordinate, multiplied by how close the real Z coordinate is to this second vertex. The same holds for the last line: to the height, you add the height difference between the lower-left vertex and the lower-right vertex, multiplied by how close the real X coordinate is to that lower-right vertex. If the point is inside the upper-right triangle, when pointAboveLowerTriangle is false, things are a bit different, and you ll need this code: finalHeight = heightHxHz; finalHeight += (1.0f - zDifference) * (heightHxLz - heightHxHz); finalHeight += (1.0f - xDifference) * (heightLxHz - heightHxHz); As the starting height, you take the upper-right vertex, and you follow the same procedure: you add the height differences, multiplied by the relative distance.
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Ignored because it s inside a comment
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And render this image to the screen in the Draw method: spriteBatch.Begin(SpriteBlendMode.AlphaBlend, SpriteSortMode.Deferred, SaveStateMode.SaveState); spriteBatch.Draw(cross, mouseCoords, null, Color.White, 0, new Vector2(7, 7), 1, SpriteEffects.None, 0); spriteBatch.End(); This will allow you to visualize your pointer on the screen. The center point of the image (7,7) will be positioned at the position of the pointer.
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An indexer is a set of get and set accessors, similar to those of properties. Figure 6-16 shows representations of an indexer for a class that can get and set values of type string.
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