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These base classes support a set of object stereotypes. A stereotype is a broad grouping of objects with similar behaviors or roles. Table 2-2 describes the supported stereotypes.
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Export Data Directory
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The Indexer set Accessor
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Double-click the Button in the design surface to create a method that will handle the Click event. Listing 33-7 shows the updated code file, including the animation. I have removed the using statements that we don t need, and I added one for the System.Windows.Media.Animation namespace, which contains the classes that support animation. Listing 33-7. Using a WPF Animation using using using using System; System.Windows; System.Windows.Controls; System.Windows.Media.Animation;
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Vector2D TouchPos; int TouchValue; void Update_Input() { /* Copy the Active Touches */ TouchPos.x = ActiveTouchPos.x; TouchPos.y = ActiveTouchPos.y; TouchValue = ActiveTouchValue; }
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Figure 6-8. Using a type converter to format data for the user interface
1. In Blend make sure that the Button (named MyButton) is selected, and in the Properties
// Return type: int
as you will change it later.
Table 10-4. Major Method of the SPWorkflowCollection Class
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