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The previous code shows you how to construct the tangentToWorld matrix, so each pixel can transform its normal vector from tangent space to world space. This is required before it can be dotted with the light direction, which is also defined in world space. You can also do things the other way around: you can transform your light direction from world space to tangent space and dot it with the normal in tangent space. This becomes extra interesting because the light direction is the same for each pixel, which makes it possible to transform the light direction in the vertex shader and send the result to the pixel shader. This way, your pixel shader can immediately perform the dot product and no longer has to calculate any kind of transformation!
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Certainly, the implementation could be made more universal by making the reverse function a template function, so that it works with vectors with any element type. Listing 12-5 demonstrates this technique in the function reverse3. Listing 12-5. A Template Function reverse Algorithm for vectors of Any Element Type template <typename T> void reverse3(vector<T>% vec) { vector<T>::iterator iter = vec.begin(); vector<T>::reverse_iterator reverse_iter = vec.rbegin(); for (int i = 0; i < vec.size() / 2; ++iter, ++reverse_iter, ++i) { int temp = *reverse_iter; *reverse_iter = *iter; *iter = temp; } } But if the function is written using a template parameter for the collection and typedefs for the value type as well, it becomes even more universally applicable. Listing 12-6 shows the complete program using the typedef value_type in addition to the typedefs for the iterator types. This method enables the same code to be applied not only to a different element type, but also to a different container type, such as list. You can also rewrite the printall function in a similar way so that it works on arbitrary container types. Listing 12-6. A More General-Purpose Reverse Algorithm // stlclr_reverse_generic.cpp #include <cliext\vector> #include <cliext\list> using namespace System; using namespace cliext; template <typename collection_type> void reverse4(collection_type% coll) { collection_type::iterator iter = coll.begin(); collection_type::reverse_iterator reverse_iter = coll.rbegin();
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he goal of this chapter is twofold. The first order of business is to provide you with a highlevel overview of various security technologies the .NET base class libraries offer. You ll learn the role of strongly named assemblies, hash codes and role-based security (RBS) systems. Do understand, however, that we will not be diving into each and every detail regarding these topics. Rather, this information will give you a context for the major mission of this chapter, which we outline under the second order of business. Our second (major) task with this chapter is to address the details of securing ASP .NET web applications using Windows-based and Forms-based authentication. Once you understand the basics behind each model, you will learn how to implement Forms-based authentication under ASP .NET 2.0. As you will see, developers can use numerous new techniques (including the Membership and Roles classes, server-side security controls, and cookieless authentication) that simplify the process. We ll then wrap up the chapter by examining a (much welcomed) Web-based UI editor for web.config files.
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Basically, in this code segment, this extender was associated with a TextBox control, and the Minimum and Maximum properties were set with the lower and upper bound of the permissible values for the text box. The next sample is similar except that it defines a set of values for months for the NumericUpDown control to iterate through instead of the default +/-1 increment/decrement behavior:
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// Declare class.
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Let s look at how we specify the items our web package should include. Either right-click on your project and select the Package/Publish Settings, or open up the project Properties window and select the Package/Publish tab (Figure 10-2).
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Figure 14-2. One-dimensional, rectangular, and jagged arrays
11.19. Printing the Pivot Table for Each Report Filter Field
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