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Instantiate a SymmetricAlgorithm object, and read or set the Key and IV properties. Use a SymmetricAlgorithm with a CryptoStream object, and write the data that is to be encrypted to the stream. Use a SymmetricAlgorithm with a CryptoStream object, and read the data that is to be decrypted from the stream. Use the Data Protection API, which generates keys automatically for Windows users. Create a HashAlgorithm object, and use the ComputeHash method. Use the RandomNumberGenerator class. Use the SecureString class.
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Enable the Web service project for WSE 3.0 by following the next steps: 1. Right-click the StockTraderSecure project and select the WSE Settings Tool. On the General tab, check the Enable This Project for Web Services Enhancements box and the Enable Microsoft Web Service Enhancements Soap Protocol Factory box.
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This event handler calls a helper function named ProcessCar, which looks like this:
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2.12. Filtering a Pivot Field: Filtering by Selection
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Figure 4-2. A pictorial representation of the agile approach As you can see, this approach is iterative, cyclical. It is assumed that each software piece will be put together somewhat atomically, verified, and then revised, if necessary. Wash, rinse, repeat. As with BDUF, the pros and cons of agile methods depend on many factors, not the least of which is how large your project is, how large your team is (as in how many people will be involved: developers, DBAs, project managers, stakeholders and the like), and how big your budget is. It is also worth mentioning that this approach puts quite a bit of responsibility on the individual players and requires that they (those responsible for a particular software piece being produced) are highly motivated and selfdisciplined. Table 4-2 outlines some of the pros and cons of the agile approach. Table 4-2. Agile Methodology Pros and Cons
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Constructors vs. Data Constants
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Constant Name
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PL/SQL, in the absence of the log file sync wait, is very much helped by removing the buffer busy wait events. Pro*C is experiencing more buffer busy wait contention now but, due to the fact it is
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Not bound to a specific chipset or board vendor Important part of Microsoft s embedded strategy The following features of the .NET Micro Framework allow you to reduce development costs and bring your products to market faster in comparison to other traditional embedded platforms: Managed code Modern language with Visual C# Rich base class library (a subset of common .NET and extensions for embedded development) Ability to touch the hardware with managed drivers Integration with Visual Studio, a first-class and widespread development tool Many .NET developers available Sharing code with existing solutions Rapid prototyping and debugging using the extensible emulator Live debugging on devices
CHAPTER 8: Falling Balls and Gravity Pods
the dataset and with inline editing capability that allow these fields to be changed. Because the grid is bound, changes to the underlying dataset trigger a refresh to the grid and as such an update of the content via an event that fires when the bound data changes. Really, the only trace of ASP.NET AJAX visible here is the <asp:UpdatePanel> element. The GridView control also has some properties defined for aesthetics, such as the AlternatingRowStyle-CssClass property, and defines its content using the <Columns> tag. Also, you automatically get sorting and paging capability by setting the AllowPaging and AllowSorting properties of the GridView control to true. The <asp:CommandField> tag defines actions such as Edit and Delete, whereas the <asp:BoundField> tag defines data fields that are bound to a data source. Lastly, the <asp:CheckBoxField> tag, as the name implies, defines the check box for the completed tasks. Before leaving the <Columns> tag, let s make a very quick and easy addition to this to be able to delete tasks. You can do so by simply adding the ShowDeleteButton property to the <asp:CommandField> tag as shown in the following line:
Listing 7-2. XML Markup for the WS-Policy Attachment Specification
The if...else Statement
this.k.ItemsSource = this.c; } As you can see, obfuscation is great at making it a challenge to understand the code. But make sure as much code related to the application is obfuscated as possible, since some revealed method names or variable names provide clues to what the code nearby is doing. The simplest application design principle to follow is to place all privileged code on the server side and let the server perform an authentication check before the rest of the method executes. Role-based decisions made on the client side should not create a decision between executing normal-privileged code and high-privileged code. However, you can make role-based decisions on such benign things as the appearance of the user interface. Another approach to separating different privilege levels of code is to place them behind a traditional web site login screen for user authentication and then deliver a completely different Silverlight application to the user based on her access level. This is illustrated in Figure 15-15.
Header Structure
As it traces through a business object to take a snapshot of the object s state, UndoableBase may encounter child objects. For n-level undo to work for complex objects as well as simple objects, any snapshot of object state must extend down through all child objects as well as the parent object. I discussed this earlier with the Invoice and LineItem example. When BeginEdit() is called on an Invoice, it must also take snapshots of the states of all its LineItem objects, because they re technically part of the state of the Invoice object itself. To do this while preserving encapsulation, each individual object takes a snapshot of its own state so that no object data is ever made available outside the object thus preserving encapsulation for each object. In that case, UndoableBase simply calls a method on the child object to cascade the BeginEdit(), CancelEdit(), or ApplyEdit() call to that object. It is then up to the individual child object to take a snapshot of its own data. In other words, each object is responsible for managing its own state, including taking a snapshot and potentially restoring itself to that snapshot later. UndoableBase implements Core.IUndoableObject, which simplifies the code in the class. This interface defines the methods required by UndoableBase during the undo process. A child object could also be a collection derived from BusinessListBase. Notice that BusinessListBase implements the Core.IEditableCollection interface, which inherits from the Core.IUndoableObject interface.
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