// Create array // Create class objects // Set field // Change the data. // Read the changed data.
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We will now add some animals to sort so alter the Main method to the following: static void Main(string[] args) { WeightComparer objAnimalComparer = new WeightComparer(); List<Animal> Animals = new List<Animal>(); Animals.Add(new Animal("elephant", 500)); Animals.Add(new Animal("tiger", 100)); Animals.Add(new Animal("rat", 5)); //Works Animals.Sort(objAnimalComparer); List<Elephant> Elephants = new List<Elephant>(); Elephants.Add(new Elephant("Nellie", 100)); Elephants.Add(new Elephant("Dumbo", 200)); Elephants.Add(new Elephant("Baba", 50)); //Doesn't work prior to .net 4 Elephants.Sort(objAnimalComparer); Elephants.ForEach(e=> Console.WriteLine(e.Name + " " + e.Weight.ToString())); }
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Create() Fetch() Update() Delete() Execute()
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// Block--braces needed
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This has been a long chapter. We ve introduced you to many methods for evaluating and optimizing performance. As you might imagine, the trick is to make the right choice at any given time. When you face a performance problem, how do you choose the method to apply Our next chapter addresses that very question, helping you to pick the right method at the right time for the right result. The script files listed in Table 8-3 include the test cases and example scripts presented in this chapter. Table 8-3. Files for 8
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Figure 6-12 shows the syntax of a constructor. A constructor looks like the other methods in a class declaration, with the following exceptions: The name of the constructor is the same as the name of the class. A constructor cannot have a return value.
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Using Anonymous Methods
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2. Navigate to the location of your videos on your hard drive and double-click them so that you
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Notice that the navigation area on the left provides links dealing with projects, resources, and roles. An authentication link is provided near the top-right of the page. When the user clicks a link, the user is directed to an appropriate content page. Figure 10-7 shows the user editing a project.
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Method Name
color from the color palette (number 1 in Figure 2-31).
Drawing Scaled Images
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