After the map has been added to the project, you ll be presented with the Mapper, as shown in Figure 7-7.
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CreateUser DeleteUser FindUsersByEmail FileUsersByName GetUser UpdateUser
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is not strictly necessary, it is a good thing to do. Without making the constructor private, it is far too easy for a UI developer to forget to use the factory method and to instead use the new keyword to create the object leading to bugs in the UI code. Finally, though it isn t technically a factory method, the Save() method from BusinessBase is overridden to add authorization checking.
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This doesn t match the appearance of the control shown in Figure 9-14. Given the FullName property, there s no need to also display FirstName and LastName. Additionally, the end user shouldn t have to see the ResourceId property, since it is really an internal value for use by the application itself. On top of those simple formatting changes, the FullName column should be a hyperlink column so that the user can click on a name to open an editor for that resource. And the Role column needs to be a combo box so that the user can select the role from a list of valid options. To make these changes, edit the columns in the control by choosing the Edit Columns option, as shown in Figure 9-19.
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OK. Now you will see that in your Objects and Timeline panel you no longer have a Canvas with three Ellipses in it but rather a Button control. Notice, though, how the text of the Button is black and not centered on the Button (see Figure 6-35). We can fix that by using a TextBlock which gives more control for positioning and color. Let s do that now:
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As a matter of preferred coding practice, properties are preferred over public fields for several reasons: Since properties are functional members as opposed to data members, they allow you to process the input and output, which you can t do with public fields. The semantics of a compiled variable and a compiled property are different.
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Indirect Storing
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1. 2. 3.
Table 3-1. Continued
mode, the changeProgress variable is updated, so after the number of milliseconds stored in changeSpan (800, as you specified earlier), this value reaches 1. When this value reaches 1, the transition is over, and the state either has to be changed from Starting to Active or has to be changed from Ending to Inactive. Finally, you want some code that renders the menu. When the menu is Active, the items should be displayed, starting from, for example, position (300,300), with each item 30 pixels below the previous item. When the menu is in Starting mode, the items should fade in (their alpha value should increase from 0 to 1) and move from the left of the screen to their final position. When in Ending mode, the items should fade out (their alpha value should decrease), and they should move to the right. public void Draw(SpriteBatch spriteBatch) { if (windowState == WindowState.Inactive) return; float smoothedProgress = MathHelper.SmoothStep(0,1,(float)changeProgress); int verPosition = 300; float horPosition = 300; float alphaValue; switch (windowState) { case WindowState.Starting: horPosition -= 200 * (1.0f - (float)smoothedProgress); alphaValue = smoothedProgress; break; case WindowState.Ending: horPosition += 200 * (float)smoothedProgress; alphaValue = 1.0f - smoothedProgress; break; default: alphaValue = 1; break; } for (int itemID = 0; itemID < itemList.Count; itemID++) { Vector2 itemPostition = new Vector2(horPosition, verPosition); Color itemColor = Color.White; if (itemID == selectedItem) itemColor = new Color(new Vector4(1,0,0,alphaValue)); else itemColor = new Color(new Vector4(1,1,1,alphaValue));
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