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As the name suggests, the LinkedList<T> class collects data using a linked list, rather than the array used by the List<T> class. This approach offers improved performance for some operations but comes at the cost in reduced convenience, as we ll see when we dig into the detail. The constructors for the LinkedList<T> class are described in Table 19-10.
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<c:HeaderedItemsControl.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <TextBlock Text="{Binding}"/> </DataTemplate> </c:HeaderedItemsControl.ItemTemplate> </c:HeaderedItemsControl> </Grid> </UserControl> The data binding simply points the ItemsSource property in the direction of a string array: string[] colors = { "Red", "Green", "Blue", "Cyan" }; headeredItems.ItemsSource = colors;
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The first thing you need to do is to install Visual Studio 2010, as you cannot develop for newer versions of Silverlight using Visual Studio 2008. I find that the new Microsoft Web Platform Installer (the big green button) can actually be more confusing than just manually downloading the required tools, so I m going to step you through the old-fashioned way to make sure that we re all on the same page. Immediately below the big green button, you will see a link to Visual Studio 2010. Click that link to be taken to the Visual
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The INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
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Throughout this text I ve described how to declare and use the types available in C#. These include the predefined types (int, long, string, and so on), types from the BCL (Console, IEnumerable, and so on), and user-defined types (MyClass, MyDel, and so on). Every type has its own members and characteristics. The BCL declares an abstract class called Type, which is designed to contain the characteristics of a type. Using objects of this class allows you to get information about the types your program is using. Since Type is an abstract class, it cannot have actual instances. Instead, at run time, the CLR creates instances of a class derived from Type (RuntimeType) that contains the type information. When you access one of these instances, the CLR returns a reference, not of the derived type but of the base class Type. For simplicity s sake, though, throughout the rest of the chapter, I ll call the object pointed at by the reference an object of type Type, although technically it s an object of a derived type that is internal to the BCL. Important things to know about Type are the following: For every type used in a program, the CLR creates a Type object that contains the information about the type. Every type used in a program is associated with a separate Type object. Regardless of the number of instances of a type that are created, there is only a single Type object associated with all the instances.
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set { base.SetValue( KCD.Workflow.Rules.ExternalPolicy.RuleSetNameProperty, value); } } The other two properties are a bit different, though, and for the same reason. They both make use of dependency properties, but in each case, we need to control the choices available to the user of our activity. For the document library, we want to make sure that they enter a valid document library name for the site specified by the URL. To do this, we ll present them with a list of document libraries. For the second case, they need to select a ruleset document from that document library. In addition, the ruleset they select needs to be valid for the workflow they are building. Again, we ll present them with a list to choose from. To accomplish this, we will set up custom property editors for each of these two properties.
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The IsReadAllowed() method retrieves the IPrincipal object for the current user and collaborates with the underlying RolesForProperty object to determine if the user has a role that matches any of the roles in the list of roles that can read the specified property. The deny-read, allow-write, and deny-write access types each have a pair of methods implemented in a similar manner. Combined, these methods provide the tools needed by BusinessBase to implement the CanReadProperty() and CanWriteProperty() methods. This concludes not only the Csla.Security discussion, but all the supporting classes required for the main base classes in the Csla namespace itself. The rest of the chapter will cover the base classes typically used by business developers when creating their own editable and read-only business objects.
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The following statement shows an example of the syntax of using a Parse method. Notice that Parse is static, so you need to invoke it by using the name of the target type. double d1 = double.Parse("25.873"); Target type String to be converted
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Creating a clone of a serializable object is easily accomplished through the use of the BinaryFormatter object in the System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary namespace. Still, the implementation is a few lines of code. Rather than replicating this code in every base class, it can be centralized in a single object. All the base classes can then collaborate with this object to perform the clone operation. The class contains the following code: namespace Csla.Core { internal static class ObjectCloner {
// Not acceptable because there is no break
As implied by the name, this workflow handles the movement of a list item from an initial state, to a middle state, and ultimately to a final state. All transitions are triggered by the completion of workflow tasks. At each transition, the workflow can be configured to automatically send an email to the appropriate user notifying them of the task assignment. The perfect example for using this workflow is a help desk scenario. When a problem occurs, a help desk ticket is created and the information for it is stored as a list item. When each help ticket is created, it is assigned an initial state of Active. By configuring the workflow (the term is associating we ll examine the process shortly when we explore the MOSS workflow in detail), you can control what happens when the list item is created. In all cases, a workflow task will be created and you can specify the person to whom that task should be assigned. Optionally, you can choose to have the server send that person an email and specify the details of that email message. Continuing on, you can configure the workflow to control what happens when the user marks their assigned task as complete (which causes the list item to transition to its middle state). Again, a task is going to be created and you can specify the details of that task. Also as before, you can indicate whether you want an email to be sent to the person to whom the task is assigned and configure the details of that email. When the second user completes their task, the list item is automatically set to its final state and the workflow is complete. In order to function, the list to which this workflow is associated must have at least one Choice field with at least three potential values from which to choose. If you attempt to associate the workflow with a list that does not meet these requirements, you will get an error, like the one shown in Figure 3-1, and the OK button on the form will be disabled, preventing you from submitting the form.
Members marked protected internal are visible to all the classes that inherit from the class, and also to all classes inside the assembly, as shown in Figure 7-20. Notice that the set of classes allowed access is the combined set of classes allowed by the protected modifier plus the set of classes allowed by the internal modifier. Notice that this is the union of protected and internal not the intersection.
1. We need to create string variables that correspond to our XML nodes (URL, ThumbnailImage,
Former Life As a Developer: I have 27 years of experience in starting up and running smaller software development companies and developing software using a wide range of programming languages, such as BASIC, COMAL 80, Pascal, C, C++, Objective-C, SQL, NewtonScript, PHP, JavaScript, and Bash. I ve worked in many environments, such as THINK C and Think Class Library (TCL), Macintosh Programmer s Workshop (MPW), Metrowerks CodeWarrior and PowerPlant, 4th Dimension, Newton Toolkit (NTK), Sybase, MySQL, TextMate, Xcode, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch. Platforms include Mac OS 3 8, Newton OS, Palm OS, Unix (FreeBSD and Mac OS X), Mac OS X Panther and Leopard, and iPhone OS. Life As an iPhone Developer: I created Deep Green, a chess game, using the official iPhone SDK from Apple (since the day it was released). What s in This : With the focus on creating a beautiful, elegant, and powerful user interface, and in a noncode language, the chapter covers the key areas that made Deep Green a successful application in the App Store, featured by Apple in several sections such as What s Hot and Staff Favorites. Key Technologies: User interface design Simplicity Product statement
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