set { email = value; vds.ValidateEmailAsync(value); } } Here we used the proxy vds of ValidationService to call to appropriate validation methods for the property. As this is an asynchronous call, we need to define an asynchronous operation completed event handler for both methods. The best place to define them is in constructor of the Consultant class, as shown here. vds.ValidateEmailCompleted += new EventHandler<ValidationServiceReference.ValidateEmailCompletedEventArgs> (vds_ValidateEmailCompleted); vds.ValidateUrlCompleted += new EventHandler<ValidationServiceReference.ValidateUrlCompletedEventArgs> (vds_ValidateUrlCompleted); However, in validation methods, where we are using the ValidationService web service proxy directly, you should create a service agent class that is responsible for making calls from Silverlight to remote services. The task of the service agent can be the initialization of the service call, capturing the data that s returned and forwarding the data back to the calling environment. By doing this you can offload the data gathering responsibilities to the service agent. So a service agent can also be re-used across multiple classes as needed. The last part of this class is the region validation methods (#region Validation methods), where we will create the ErrorInfo object with proper error messages set for the property. The code for vds_ValidateEmailCompleted is: #region Validation methods void vds_ValidateEmailCompleted(object sender, ValidationServiceReference.ValidateEmailCompletedEventArgs e) { if (e.Result=="E501") { //Add error ErrorInfo er = new ErrorInfo("E501", "Email format is Invalid."); addError("Email",er); } else { //Remove error removeError("Email","E501"); } if (e.Result=="E502") { //Add error ErrorInfo er = new ErrorInfo("E502", "Email provider is not supported.");
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Supporting object persistence the ability to store and retrieve an object from a database can be quite complex. I discussed this earlier in the chapter when talking about basic persistence and the concept of ORM. As you ll see in 8, business objects will either encapsulate data access logic within the objects, or they will delegate the data access behavior to a persistence object. At the same time, however, you don t want to be in a position in which a change to your physical architecture requires every business object in the system to be altered. The ability to easily switch between having the data access code run on the client machine and having it run on an application server is the goal; with that change driven by a configuration file setting. On top of this, when using an application server, not every business object in the application should be directly exposed by the server. This would be a maintenance and configuration nightmare, because it would require updating configuration information on all client machines any time a business object is added or changed.
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Using Inheritance with Multiple Methods and Multiple Interfaces
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X (Continued)
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Acting As a View
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Examining Network Packets
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In the previous section, you registered your class using the registerClass method prototype that accepts only a single parameter. You can also include a second parameter that specifies the base class from which the class is inheriting. One of the goals of AJAX is to make your JavaScript easier to read and debug. Inheritance is a useful way to prevent replication of member variables and methods among your classes, thereby helping you to achieve this goal. This is probably best demonstrated by example. Earlier you created a Car class for a generic car. Lots of different types of cars exist; for example, a sport utility vehicle (SUV) is different from a sports car in that it will usually have four-wheel drive (4WD), whereas the sports car will have only two-wheel drive. If you want to implement car classes where you will query if the car has the 4WD, it makes sense to have a subclass of Car called SUV that has a 4WD property. You can try this by adding the following code to the bottom of the JavaScript file you created earlier:
Enumerating a Jagged Array
Figure 3-8. Now that the game autosaves when you are interrupted, the Mingon Empire doesn t stand a chance!
With Bikini Hunt, we took a game concept that you can find in most any bar and brought it to the iPhone. Some of the aspects of the game that make it stand out (other than models in bikinis) are things that most will take for granted. The interface was given a clean, modern look by limiting the palette to shades of blue and gray, and rounding off most of the edges. However, the most innovative concept was in how we alert the user that features are limited due to lack of Internet connectivity. Instead of a using a bothersome pop-up, we merely change the color of a button and drop a notice down from behind it. This method informs the user of the change and adds to the aesthetics.
If the iPod touch is unable to log in to your server with only your email address and password, then you see a screen similar to the one shown to the right. Under Incoming Mail Server, type the appropriate information into the Host Name, User Name, and Password fields. Usually, your incoming mail server is something like To adjust the name of your outgoing server, tap Outgoing Mail Server. You can adjust the outgoing mail server on the following screen. These server names usually look like either or You can try to leave the Server Name and Password fields blank. If that doesn t work, you can always go back and change them. You may be asked if you want to use SSL (secure socket layer), a type of outgoing mail security that may be required by your email provider. If you don t know whether you need it, just check the mail settings with your email provider. TIP: The authors recommend that you use SSL security whenever possible. If you do not use SSL, then your login credentials, messages, and any private information is sent in plain text (unencrypted), leaving it open to snoopers.
Caution When you install Visual Studio you will be given the option of installing SQL Express. Don t. Let
TextWriterTraceListener listener = new TextWriterTraceListener("myFile.txt");
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