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class Listing 02 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create the context NorthwindEntities context = new NorthwindEntities(); // get the first Employee using the First extension method Employee myEmployee = context.Employees.First(); // get the orders associated with the employee EntityCollection<Order> myOrders = myEmployee.Orders; // enumerate the orders Console.WriteLine("There are {0} orders for employee: {1} {2}", myOrders.Count, myEmployee.FirstName, myEmployee.LastName); foreach (Order myOrder in myOrders) { Console.WriteLine("Order number: {0}", myOrder.OrderID); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } In this example, I use the LINQ First extension method, which returns the first item in an IEnumerable<T>. This allows me to obtain an Employee object from the Employees context property. I then use the Orders navigation property, which returns an EntityCollection<Order> containing all the orders that share the same foreign-key value as my Employee key. The EntityCollection<T> class is in the System.Data.Objects.DataClasses namespace. The type T will be the data model class used to represent rows in the related table. In the case of the example, this is the Order class, which is used to represent rows in the Orders table. The EntityCollection<T> class implements the IEnumerable<T> interface, so you can ignore the class altogether if you just want to enumerate the Order objects. I have used the Count property defined by the class, which returns the number of objects in the EntityCollection<T>. Notice that I didn t have to deal with the foreign-key relationship in any way. The data model took care of this for me. By accessing the Orders property, I get the set of Orders that are associated with my Employee, because the results of compiling and running Listing 30-2 show (I have edited these results; there are more than 100 lines of output produced by this example): There are 123 orders for employee: Nancy Davolio
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Introducing Service-Oriented Architecture
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per server. This means it is safe (and suggested) to mark the cross-domain policy files as no-cache. This prevents the browser from caching the file while offering no performance penalty to Silverlight, since Silverlight will cache the file itself.
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Policy Expression #1 (XML Document)
// Rank = 2 // Rank = 3
More interesting is the GetDesignTimeData() method, which returns sample data to populate controls like GridView at design time. This method is really the heart of CslaDesignerDataSourceView: public override System.Collections.IEnumerable GetDesignTimeData(int minimumRows, out bool isSampleData) { IDataSourceViewSchema schema = this.Schema; DataTable result = new DataTable(); // create the columns foreach (IDataSourceFieldSchema item in schema.GetFields()) result.Columns.Add(item.Name, item.DataType); // create sample data for (int index = 1; index <= minimumRows; index++) { object[] values = new object[result.Columns.Count]; int colIndex = 0; foreach (DataColumn col in result.Columns) { if (col.DataType.Equals(typeof(string))) values[colIndex] = "abc"; else if (col.DataType.Equals(typeof(DateTime))) values[colIndex] = DateTime.Today.ToShortDateString(); else if (col.DataType.Equals(typeof(bool))) values[colIndex] = false; else if (col.DataType.IsPrimitive) values[colIndex] = index; else if (col.DataType.Equals(typeof(Guid))) values[colIndex] = Guid.Empty; else if (col.DataType.IsValueType) values[colIndex] = Activator.CreateInstance(col.DataType); else values[colIndex] = null;
format "N". If the decimal separator is a comma, and the thousands separator is a period, as is common in Germany, then, for example, 1234567.89 outputs as 1,234.567.89 instead of 1.234.567, 89. The NumberGroupSizes parameter describes the size of the number groupings. Number groups are, in most cases, formed as thousands groups. It is also intended that the groups can have different sizes with some cultures, as is common, for example, in India. With this culture, NumberGroupSizes has the value "3|2". Groups of different sizes, though possible in the full .NET Framework, will cause an error in the .NET Micro Framework.
Key: HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\VWDExpress\10.0\General, Value Name: OnEnvironmentStartup, Value: 5 Press enter to finish
The HyperLink control has the properties described in Table 4-20. Table 4-20. HyperLink Control Properties
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