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Placing content within a grid is a simple matter of creating content and then setting values for the various attached properties. Figure 3-4 shows the result of placing content in each column of the first row and then using ColumnSpan to cause the content to fill the second row. generate barcode rdlc
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Configuration Files
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2. Give the new Ellipse a Gradient fill. 3. Add two new color stops to the center by clicking in the color bar twice, as I have done in
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Figure 7-13. Classes from other assemblies can access public classes but cannot access internal classes.
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Figure 5-5. Windows Registry hierarchy for Oracle Database software You ll see subkeys in Figure 5-5 for two Oracle database homes: an Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Home called OraDb10g_home1 and an Oracle Database 11g Release 1 home called OraDb11g_home1. The names of these two keys both start with KEY_. Prior to Oracle Database 10g, the Home structure was slightly different; in Oracle Database 9i and earlier, the top-level directory contained information about the current Oracle Home and there was an ALL_HOMES key as well as individual keys for each home. In addition, my system has similar hierarchies for Oracle s web support software, for the Enterprise Manager standalone software installed with each database, for the Windows .Net data provider ODP.Net, and for the Oracle Cluster Registry.
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Closing the Control
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Here is the output of Listing 5-7: Currency format: $1,005.01 Scientific format: 1.005010e+003 Fixed-point format: 1005.010000 General format: 1005.01 Number format: 1,005.010000 Percent format: 100,501.000000 % Round-trip format: 1005.01 Decimal format: -073000 General format: -73000 Number format: -73,000 Hexadecimal format: fffee2d8
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Distilling the Essence
You may be wondering why nonce values apply specifically to the UsernameToken security token. This is because other security tokens are more sophisticated and do not require the additional guarantee of uniqueness that a nonce value provides. A UsernameToken security token is, after all, simply a hashed username-password combination, and there is nothing inherently unique about this combination. Usernames and passwords can be duplicated between users much more easily than cryptographic values can, especially if a malicious client is intentionally using another client s credentials. If you use an alternate security token such as an X.509 certificate, then you are automatically afforded some protection because the client and the service are using credentials that are not easily discovered. However, as I pointed out with SSL, this does not provide protection against replay attacks. You cannot assume that authorized clients will by their nature avoid carrying out a replay attack. For example, consider a client that auto-generates Web service calls in batch mode. If this client were to experience a system error or breakdown in business logic, then it is conceivable that the client might generate duplicate request messages to the service. This is why you must tackle replay attacks at the message and service level. You cannot protect against replay attacks under the umbrella of a trusted relationship between client and service.
Recall that the first example of Forms authentication that we showed you in this chapter required the developer to author ADO.NET code in order to retrieve previously stored credentials. While this approach is still perfectly valid under ASP .NET 2.0, you can now leverage a new type within the System.Web.Security namespace that will do so automatically. The Membership class can be configured to perform user validation with various membership providers. To date, ASP .NET provides membership provider implementations for Microsoft SQL Server or Active Directory. The providers that ship with the Framework provide a canned implementation of data storage for user information. If you have your own data store of user information, then you will need to implement your own provider to talk to your own database. One very nice benefit of the membership programming model is that your presentation layer code will not need to be altered regardless of the underlying membership provider. For example, assuming your web application has been configured correctly, the following Button Click event handler validates the supplied user credentials against some membership provider. As before, if the supplied and stored credentials match, the user is redirected via FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage to the requested page: protected void btnSubmit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Scrape out uid and pwd. string uid = txtUserName.Text; string pwd = txtPassword.Text; // Let the Membership type do the dirty work. if (Membership.ValidateUser(uid, pwd)) FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(uid, false); else lblValidationStatus.Text = "Invalid login. Please try again."; }
Declaring an Indexer
The BAM portal provides a very intuitive and easily accessible point of interaction for the BAM activities that you have created. Start it (click Start Programs Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 BAM Portal Website), and you ll notice that you have the newly created 13view as a selection, as shown in Figure 13-24.
The primary goal when designing any kind of software object is to create an abstract representation of some entity or concept. In ADO.NET, for example, a DataTable object represents a tabular set of data. DataTables provide an abstract and consistent mechanism by which you can work with any tabular data. Likewise, a Windows Forms TextBox control is an object that represents the concept of displaying and entering data. From the application s perspective, there is no need to have any understanding of how the control is rendered on the screen, or how the user interacts with it. It s just an object that includes a Text property and a handful of interesting events. Key to successful object design is the concept of encapsulation. This means that an object is a black box: it contains logic and data, but the user of the object doesn t know what data or how the logic actually works. All the user can do is interact with the object.
Gets a property value after checking authorization Gets a property value without checking authorization Sets a property value after checking authorization, then triggers business and validation rules and data binding behaviors Sets a property value without checking authorization or triggering business or validation rules or data binding behaviors
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