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String marshaling is defined in at least three places: in a string conversion flag of a TypeDef (ansi, unicode, or autochar), in a similar flag of a P/Invoke implementation map, and, explicitly, in marshal(...) clauses for all parameters of all methods of a given class, for all parameters of a given method, and for one concrete parameter, respectively. Lower-level specifications override the higher-level specifications. As method arguments, managed strings (instances of the System.String class) can be marshaled as the following native types: lpstr, a pointer to a zero-terminated ANSI string lpwstr, a pointer to a zero-terminated Unicode string lptstr, a pointer to a zero-terminated ANSI or Unicode string, depending on the platform bstr, a Unicode Visual Basic style string with a prepended length ansi bstr, an ANSI Visual Basic style string with a prepended length tbstr, an ANSI or Unicode Visual Basic style string, depending on the platform The COM wrappers marshal the string arguments as lpstr, lpwstr, or bstr only. Other unmanaged string types are not COM compatible. At times, a string buffer must be passed to an unmanaged method in order to be filled with some particular contents. Passing a string by value does not work in this case because the called method cannot modify the string contents even if the string is passed as an in/out parameter (in the managed world, strings are immutable once a string object is created,
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Figure 17-3. Drag the image to the artboard. Now that we have some visuals to print, we can press Control+Shift+B to build the application and then switch over to Visual Studio 2010 to add the code that will allow us to print our main LayoutRoot Grid (which contains the image we just added). In Visual Studio 2010, right under the InitializeComponent(); call, we are going to raise and handle a MouseLeftButtonDown event on this, the entire application. To do that:
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CHAPTER 4: Brian Greenstone s Jedi Master List for Game Optimization
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Adding the Atlas Server Controls to Visual Studio 2005
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The UndoChanges() method is the reverse of CopyState(). It takes a snapshot of data off the stack, deserializes it back into a Hashtable, and then takes each value from the Hashtable and restores it into the appropriate object field. Like CopyState(), once this method is complete, an Overridable UndoChangesComplete() method is called to allow subclasses to take additional actions. This method will be overridden later in Csla.Core.BusinessBase. The hard issues of walking through the types in the object s inheritance hierarchy and finding all the fields in the object were solved in the implementation of CopyState(). The structure of UndoChanges() will therefore be virtually identical, except that it will restore field values rather than take a snapshot. Since the overall structure of UndoChanges() is essentially the reverse of CopyState(), I won t show the entire code here. Rather, I ll focus on the key functionality.
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Table 8-1. DropShadow Extender Properties Property Name
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Business objects provide an abstract representation of entities or concepts that are part of the business or problem domain.
No load-time dependency to
CalculationResult result = PerformCalculation(10, 20);
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