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public void Push( float x ) { ... }
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Coding a Custom Model Processor to Find the Lowest Positions of the Each ModelMesh
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struct MyStruct { public int X; public int Y; public MyStruct(int xVal, int yVal) { X = xVal; Y = yVal; } } class Program { static void Main() { MyStruct mSNull = new MyStruct(5, 10); ...
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mTimer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:(1.0/FPS) target:self selector:@selector(renderScene) userInfo:nil repeats:YES];
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In the previous script sample, you saw how to move a panel around the screen with client-side only code using the methods of the Sys.UI.DomElement class. In that example, the function name was set to the onclick attribute of the button as is often done in classic JavaScript. We could just as easily use the addHandler method to wire up the click event of the button to the desired function. The addHandler method has three required parameters: the target element, the name of the event, and the event handler. So in the case of the previous sample, we would have
AcceptChanges() is actually the simplest of the three methods. If changes are being accepted, it means that the current values in the object are the ones that should be kept, and the most recent snapshot is now meaningless and can be discarded. Like CopyState(), once this method is complete, an Overridable AcceptChangesComplete() method is called to allow subclasses to take additional actions. In concept, this means that all AcceptChanges() needs to do is discard the most recent snapshot: _stateStack.Pop() However, it is important to remember that the object may have child objects, and they need to know to accept changes as well. This requires looping through the object s fields to find any child objects that implement IUndoableObject. The AcceptChanges() method call must be cascaded to them, too. The process of looping through the fields of the object is the same as in CopyState() and UndoChanges(). The only difference is where the method call is cascaded: ' the field is undoable so see if it is a child object If GetType(Csla.Core.IUndoableObject).IsAssignableFrom(field.FieldType) Then Dim value As Object = field.GetValue(Me) ' make sure the variable has a value If value IsNot Nothing Then ' it is a child object so cascade the call DirectCast(value, Core.IUndoableObject).AcceptChanges( _ Me.EditLevel, BindingEdit) End If End If Simple field values don t need any processing. Remember that the idea is that the current values have been accepted so there s no need to change those current values at all. You should now understand how the three undo methods in UndoableBase are able to take and restore a snapshot of an object s state and how the calls are cascaded to child objects in a way that preserves encapsulation while supporting the needs of both data binding and manual invocation of the undo functionality.
Figure 18-23. Boxing creates a copy that can be manipulated separately
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