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All user controls that are to be displayed on MainForm must inherit from the WinPart base control. This control adds common behaviors used by the code in MainForm to manage the display. It inherits from UserControl: Public Class WinPart Inherits System.Windows.Forms.UserControl
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PaintColor color = PaintColor.Green;
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If we want to be more restrictive, we can rely on our metadata file to specify which tables should be included. To do this, we need to change the property in the Global.asax.cs file like this:
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Once you have created the wrapper class, you have to add members that allow a .NET client to invoke the member functions on the wrapped object. To ensure language interoperability, the members of your wrapper class must have only CLS-compliant types in their signature. If a function from the native API has an unsigned integer type, it is often sufficient to use a signed type of the same size instead. Finding equivalent types for native pointers and native references is not always that easy. In a few cases, you can use System::IntPtr instead of native pointers. This allows managed code to receive a native pointer and treat it as a handle that can be passed as an argument of a later function call. This case is simple because System::IntPtr has the same binary layout as a native pointer. In all other cases, a manual conversion of one or more parameters is necessary. Even though this can be time-consuming, there is no way to avoid this extra cost. Let s have a look at different wrappings that you may face. For arguments of C++ reference types and pointer arguments with pass-by-reference semantics, it is recommended to define tracking reference arguments in the managed wrapper function. As an example, consider the following native function: void f(int& i);
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In this chapter, you created a few maps and implemented a pair of functoids as we began our exploration of the BizTalk schema abilities. The BizTalk Mapper is an intuitive interface to work with and allows you to create message-conversion maps in a relatively short amount of time. As cool as the mapping utility is, it is just one of the many tools that BizTalk delivers. As you progress through the book, you ll discover and use more of the BizTalk product power!
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As you d expect, Windows Azure works with workflows, which I examine in this chapter. Exercise 7-1: Hosts a workflow service in the Azure cloud environment. Exercise 7-2: Coordinates workflow services using HttpWebRequest.
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Figure 3-24. The Popup control The XAML for the pop-up looks like this: <Popup x:Name="xamlPopup" VerticalOffset="40" HorizontalOffset="270" IsOpen="False"> <Border BorderBrush="Black" BorderThickness="5" CornerRadius="3"> <Button Content="Click to close" Click="button_Click"/> </Border> </Popup> The showing and hiding of the pop-up is done programmatically by simply setting the IsOpen property of the Popup control to the correct value to show or hide the pop-up. void button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { xamlPopup.IsOpen = false; } private void showPopup_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { xamlPopup.IsOpen = true; }
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Some types, such as short, int, and long, are called simple types and can store only a single data item. Other types can store multiple data items. An array, for example, is a type that can store multiple items of the same type. The individual items are called elements and are referenced by a number, called an index. 14 describes arrays in detail.
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In this case, the user did exactly the same thing, but when she reduced Credit Limit and tabbed out of that control, the Total Due control immediately showed that it was in error. You can implement this in BusinessBase with a configuration setting in Csla.ApplicationContext.
have a start date, but no end date. When the project is complete, the project manager can enter an end date. These dates will be used to report on the average lengths of the projects, so obviously the end date can t be earlier than the start date. Every project also has a list of the resources assigned to it (see the Assigning a Resource section later in this chapter).
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