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Without going into vector math, let s just say points and positions are vectors, but not the other way around. For that reason, you re starting with a vector right now, instead of changing it later.
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Sadly, the basic functionality provided by even the generic collection classes isn t enough to integrate fully with the rest of the framework. As mentioned previously, the business objects need to support some relatively advanced features, such as undo capabilities. Following this line of reasoning, the n-level undo capabilities discussed earlier must extend into the collections of child objects, thereby ensuring that child object states are restored when an undo is triggered on the parent object. Even more complex is the support for adding and removing items from a collection, and then undoing the addition or the removal if an undo occurs later on. Also, a collection of child objects needs to be able to indicate if any of the objects it contains are dirty. Although the business object developer could easily write code to loop through the child objects to discover whether any are marked as dirty, it makes a lot more sense to put this functionality into the framework s collection object. That way the feature is simply available for use. The same is true with validity: if any child object is invalid, then the collection should be able to report that it s invalid. If all child objects are valid, then the collection should report itself as being valid. As with the business objects themselves, the goal of the business framework will be to make the creation of a strongly typed collection as close to normal .NET programming as possible, while allowing the framework to provide extra capabilities common to all business objects. What I m defining here are two sets of behaviors: one for business objects (parent and/or child) and one for collections of business objects. Though business objects will be the more complex of the two, collection objects will also include some very interesting functionality.
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This does not ask if you can open a specific mime type it asks only if the open action is supported by the native desktop. To demonstrate, the program in Listing 1-3 loops through all the files in the specified directory, defaulting to the current directory. For each file, it asks if you want to open the object. If you answer YES, in all caps, the native application will open the file.
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Diagnostic Directives
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