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ToUpper() ToLower() TrimStart() TrimEnd() Trim()
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Figure 4-9. The speed of your Model in function of time
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Since all the primitives shown here, and their native equivalents, have the same binary layout, a primitive type in managed code can still be used as a native primitive, if this is required by the context. The following sample code shows this. Even though a variable of type System::Double is passed to std::cout, the code compiles and works as expected. // primitives.cpp // build with "CL /clr primitives.cpp" #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { System::Double PI = 3.14159265358979; cout << PI; }
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Well, some folk found that .NET would stop them from writing code and modeling situations that are safe. For example, the following did not work prior to .NET 4.0:
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Editable Child Business Objects
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Method references, like field references, translate into either MethodDef tokens or MemberRef tokens. As a rule, a reference to a locally defined method translates into a MethodDef token. However, even a locally defined method can be represented by a MemberRef token; and in certain cases, such as references to vararg methods, it must be represented by a MemberRef token. The ILAsm syntax for method referencing is as follows: <method_ref> ::= [method] <call_conv> <ret_type> <class_ref>::<name>(<arg_list>) The method keyword, with no leading dot, is used in the following two cases in which the kind of metadata item being referenced is not clear from the context: When a method is referenced as an argument of the ldtoken instruction When a method is referenced in an explicit specification of a custom attribute s owner (see 16 for more information) The same rules apply to the use of the field keyword in field references. The method keyword is used in one additional context: when specifying a function pointer as a type of field, variable, or parameter (see 8). That case, however, involves not a method reference but a signature definition. Flags, implementation flags, and parameter-related information (names, marshaling, and so on) are not specified in a method reference. As you know, a MemberRef record holds only the member parent s token, name, and signature the three elements needed to identify a method or a field unambiguously. Here are a few examples of method references: call instance void Foo::Bar(int32,int32) ldtoken method instance void Foo::Bar(int32,int32) In the case of method references, the nonterminal symbol <class_ref> can be a TypeDef, TypeRef, TypeSpec, or ModuleRef: call call call call instance void instance void instance void void [.module Foo::Bar(int32,int32) // TypeDef [OtherAssembly]Foo::Bar(int32,int32) // TypeRef class Foo[]::Bar(int32,int32) // TypeSpec Other.dll]::Bar(int32,int32) // ModuleRef
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Class Inheritance Accessing the Inherited Members Hiding Members of a Base Class Base Access Using References to a Base Class Constructor Execution Inheritance Between Assemblies Member Access Modifiers Abstract Members Abstract Classes Sealed Classes External Methods
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[ FirstAttribute(arguments), SecondAttribute(arguments) ] or [ FirstAttribute(arguments) ] [ SecondAttribute(arguments) ] The attribute syntax also supports specifically stating what type of programmatic element the attribute is meant to apply to; this is useful in cases where the target may be ambiguous, for example, when applied to a return value. [ returnvalue: ReturnValueAttribute(arguments) ] ReturnType^ GetValue(); If unspecified, the preceding attribute would be applied to the method, not the return value.
// *pA=123
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