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The Weather Channel
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CHAPTER 9: FontShuffle
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4. Move the Service.cs file from the web service project to the class library solution and delete the Class1.cs file. 5. Add the custom WebMethod code to the Service.cs file. 6. Strong-name the class library project. 7. Build the class library project and deploy it to the GAC. 8. Open the Service.asmx file (rename it if you d like something more descriptive). 9. Remove the CodeBehind attribute from the page directive. 10. Modify the Class attribute to read Class="<class_project_name>, <assembly_strong_name>". You can retrieve the strong name for your assembly using the Reflector tool we discussed back in 7. 11. Copy your ASMX file to Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS. 12. From a Visual Studio command prompt, run the following command: disco.exe http:// <server_name>/_layouts/Service.asmx. Make sure that you change the name of the ASMX file to whatever you called yours. This will generate static .disco and .wsdl files for you. 13. Open the .disco and .wsdl files in Visual Studio and replace the XML processing directive (< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" >) at the top of each with the code shown here: <%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.UI.Page"%> <%@ Assembly Name="Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" %> <%@ Import Namespace="Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities" %> <%@ Import Namespace="Microsoft.SharePoint" %> <% Response.ContentType = "text/xml"; %> 14. Near the bottom of the .wsdl file, replace the entire <soap:address element with the following: <soap:address location=<% SPEncode.WriteHtmlEncodeWithQuote(Response, SPWeb.OriginalBaseUrl(Request), '"'); %> />. 15. In the .disco file, replace the entire <contractRef and <soap:address elements with this code: <contractRef ref=<% SPEncode.WriteHtmlEncodeWithQuote(Response, SPWeb. OriginalBaseUrl(Request) + " wsdl", '"'); %> docRef=<% SPEncode.CCC WriteHtmlEncodeWithQuote(Response, SPWeb.OriginalBaseUrl(Request), '"'); %> xmlns="" /> <soap address=<% SPEncode.WriteHtmlEncodeWithQuote(Response, SPWeb. OriginalBaseUrl(Request), '"'); %> xmlns:q1="" binding= "q1:HelloWorld" xmlns="" /> 16. Rename the .disco file to <service_name>disco.aspx, for example Service1disco.aspx. 17. Rename the .wsdl file to <service_name> wsdl.aspx, for example Service1 wsdl.aspx. 18. Copy the ASMX, DISCO, and WSDL files to Local_Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\ Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\ISAPI.
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Members of the community have created other smart data types such as SmartInt or SmartDouble that provide the same concepts to those other data types. To standardize and simplify the creation of those types, CSLA .NET defines the ISmartField interface. This interface allows CSLA .NET to interact with any smart data type in a consistent manner: Public Interface ISmartField Property Text() As String ReadOnly Property IsEmpty() As Boolean End Interface As you can see, the interface enables both the concept of an empty value and the ability to convert the value into and out of a text representation. Creating a new data type, especially one that extends an existing type such as DateTime or Integer requires a lot of work. The goal is to have the new type work as much like the original as possible, which means overriding many (if not all) operators and providing support for type conversion and cast operations. I discuss some of these challenges in 16 when I cover the implementation of SmartDate.
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The following code shows an example of using a TryParse method: class Program { static void Main( ) { bool success; string parseResultSummary; string stringFirst = "28"; int intFirst; Input string Output variable success = int.TryParse( stringFirst, out intFirst ); parseResultSummary = success "was successfully parsed" : "was not successfully parsed"; Console.WriteLine( "String {0} {1}", stringFirst, parseResultSummary ); string stringSecond = "vt750"; int intSecond; Input string Output variable success = int.TryParse( stringSecond, out intSecond ); parseResultSummary = success "was successfully parsed" : "was not successfully parsed"; Console.WriteLine( "String {0} {1}", stringSecond, parseResultSummary ); } } This code produces the following output: String 28 was successfully parsed String vt750 was not successfully parsed
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When rendering a 3D geometrical object, you need to define its shape using primitives. Primitives are the most basic geometrical object that can be drawn by XNA, and the most frequently used primitive is the triangle. Any shape, even spheres, can be represented using triangles, if only you use enough of them. The XNA Framework can render points, lines, and triangles as primitives. XNA allows you to define all coordinates of these primitives immediately as 3D coordinates. Once you call the DrawUserPrimitives function, XNA will automatically convert the 3D coordinates into their corresponding screen positions, provided you ve specified a valid View matrix and Projection matrix (see recipe 2-1).
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This signals data binding, configured with default properties (such as OneWay for Mode). See 6 for specific property values. This is used to specify object properties to pull data from. A dotted syntax is valid here, allowing you to drill down inside the objects from the data source. This is used to set properties affecting data binding, following a name=value syntax. Specific properties affecting data binding will be discussed later. The properties affect the data specified by the path. For example, a converter might be used to format data. The path must come first.
Note The using statement is different from the using directives. The using directives are covered in 10.
Parallel DDL
Like addProject, this procedure ends with a SELECT statement that returns the new value of the LastChanged column for the row as an output parameter. The business object must maintain this value to allow for future updates of the row using the updateAssignment stored procedure.
Figure 6-27. DataGrid showing the result of LINQ to WCF Data Services Query Using this example, let us learn about some of the enhancements in this area introduced in Silverlight 4.
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