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Implementing Tablespace Encryption
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Therefore, when Oracle migrates the row, it will leave behind a pointer to where the row really is. After the update, the blocks might look as shown in Figure 10-5.
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HLSL Code You still have to define the MultipleTargets technique, which should render the scene to three targets at once. Start by defining the XNA-to-HLSL variables: float4x4 xWorld; float4x4 xView; float4x4 xProjection; Texture xTexture; sampler TextureSampler = sampler_state { texture = <xTexture> ; magfilter = LINEAR; minfilter = LINEAR; mipfilter=LINEAR; AddressU = wrap; AddressV = wrap;}; As always when transforming 3D positions to 2D screen coordinates, you need to specify the World, View, and Projection matrices. Since the walls and floor of the room are textured, you need a texture from which to sample the colors of your pixels. These colors will be saved to the first render target. Next in line are the output structures of your vertex and pixel shaders: struct VertexToPixel { float4 Position float3 Normal float4 ScreenPos float2 TexCoords }; struct PixelToFrame { float4 Color float4 Normal float4 Depth };
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The Business Methods region includes the declaration of all instance fields, along with the properties and methods that implement business logic around those fields. Since Project is a parent class, it will also include some special code designed to work well with its child objects.
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Figure 14-3. Structure of an array Although an array is always a reference type, the elements of the array can be either value types or reference types. An array is called a value type array if the elements stored are value types. An array is called a reference type array if the elements stored in the array are references of reference type objects. Figure 14-4 shows a value type array and a reference type array.
The ApplyAuthorization Property
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