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Log4net can do additional things, and many are beyond the scope of this book. One item that isn t beyond the scope of this book, and needs to be discussed, is log4net namespaces. When log4net loads a configuration file, a resolution happens. The resolution allows a configuration to be loaded according to a namespace, if the specified configuration doesn t exist. Consider the following example configuration: <logger name="a"> <level value="WARN" /> <appender-ref ref="ConsoleAppender" /> </logger>
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Value Reference Output Array
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GET HEAD POST DEBUG This being said, the complete set of options supported by the <authorization> element can be understood as so: <authorization> <allow users="comma-separated list of users" roles="comma-separated list of roles" verbs="comma-separated list of verbs"/> <deny users="comma-separated list of users" roles="comma-separated list of roles" verbs="comma-separated list of verbs"/> </authorization>
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Before configuring the DataGridView control that is bound to the Resources collection, another BindingSource control is required. The Roles column in the grid is a combo box column, listing the available roles a resource can play on a project. This list is easily populated by the RoleList object created in 8 but for it to be available for data binding, there must be a BindingSource control in the component tray. You can drag a BindingSource control onto the designer directly from the toolbox (it s in the Data group of the toolbox). Figure 9-17 shows how to set the DataSource property of the new control to the RoleList object (assuming you ve added your business objects to the Data Sources window as discussed earlier in this chapter). I ve also changed the name of the control to RoleListBindingSource to match the default naming convention used by Visual Studio when an object is dragged directly onto the designer.
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Google s Street View (Figure 27 8) is really fun in Maps on the iPod touch. Google has been hard at work photographing just about every address across the United States and elsewhere. The pictures are then fed into the company s database, and that s what shows up when you want to see a picture of your destination or waypoint. NOTE: Google s Street View is currently in a small number of countries at the moment. The list of places supported includes much of North America, Western Europe, Australia, and now South Africa. If there is a Street View available, you will see a small icon to the left of the address or bookmark on the map a small orange Person icon. In this example, Gary wants to check the Street View of his wife Gloria s store on Cape Cod, so he follows these steps: 1. In this case, he maps the address by tapping on the work address under Gloria s name on his Contacts list. He could have mapped it by typing an address in the search window, by searching for a type of business, or by touching the address in the Contacts app. To the left of Gloria s name is the Street View icon. He taps the icon to immediately shift to a Street View of the address. What is very cool is that he can navigate around the screen in a 360degree rotation by swiping left, right, or even up or down, looking at the places next to and across the street from the destination he s reviewing. To return to the map, he touches the lower-right corner of the screen.
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output file. The event enqueue indicates that a process was waiting for an enqueue. We also see that this process is suffering from latch contention by the number of latch free waits that occur. Listing 12-36. An example of SQL trace output lines (version WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT #1: #1: #1: #1: nam="enqueue" ela= 301 p1=1414332420 p2=9086 nam="latch free" ela= 1 p1=-1437405580 p2=19 nam="latch free" ela= 1 p1=-1437405580 p2=19 nam="latch free" ela= 1 p1=-1437405580 p2=19 p3=0 p3=0 p3=1 p3=2
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base.Update(gameTime); } private void AddToCameraPosition(Vector3 vectorToAdd) { float moveSpeed = 0.5f; Matrix cameraRotation = Matrix.CreateRotationX(updownRot) * Matrix.CreateRotationY(leftrightRot); Vector3 rotatedVector = Vector3.Transform(vectorToAdd, cameraRotation); cameraPosition += moveSpeed * rotatedVector; UpdateViewMatrix(); } private void UpdateViewMatrix() { Matrix cameraRotation = Matrix.CreateRotationX(updownRot) * Matrix.CreateRotationY(leftrightRot); Vector3 cameraOriginalTarget = new Vector3(0, 0, -1); Vector3 cameraOriginalUpVector = new Vector3(0, 1, 0); Vector3 cameraRotatedTarget = Vector3.Transform(cameraOriginalTarget, cameraRotation); Vector3 cameraFinalTarget = cameraPosition + cameraRotatedTarget; Vector3 cameraRotatedUpVector = Vector3.Transform(cameraOriginalUpVector, cameraRotation); Vector3 cameraFinalUpVector = cameraPosition + cameraRotatedUpVector; viewMatrix = Matrix.CreateLookAt(cameraPosition, cameraFinalTarget, cameraRotatedUpVector); }
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in Figure 13-7.
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Figure 6-4. The task list manager master page in Visual Studio 2005
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