Handling exception is only half of the story. You also need to throw them in your code when errors occur. This is done using the throw keyword, as demonstrated by Listing 14-13. Listing 14-13. Using the throw Keyword using System; class Listing 13 {
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Using the Append and Insert Methods
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Child Stretch
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Overly Complex Relationships
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7. When the New Silverlight Application dialog box appears, uncheck Host the Silverlight
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2. Navigate to where you extracted the DLL files you just downloaded and select them, as I am
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Garbage Collection
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Every programming language has a set of intrinsic types representing such objects as integers, floating point numbers, characters, and so on. Historically, the characteristics of these types have varied from one programming language to another, and from platform to platform. For example, the number of bits constituting an integer has varied widely depending on the language and platform. This non-uniformity, however, will not work if we want programs to play well with programs and libraries written in other languages. In order for there to be order and cooperation, there must be a set of standards. The Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is a set of standards that ties all the components of the .NET Framework into a cohesive, consistent system. It lays out the concepts and architecture of the system, and specifies the rules and conventions to which all the software must adhere. The components of the CLI are illustrated in Figure 1-7.
This setup provides very good database-connection pooling because each web server will be (potentially) servicing hundreds of concurrent users, and all database connections on a web server are pooled.
The business logic must reside in a separate layer from the interface code. While you may choose to duplicate some of this logic in your interface control code to provide a richer user experience, the Business layer must implement all the business logic, because it is the only point of central control and maintainability. I believe that this particular separation between the responsibilities of the Business layer and Interface Control layer is absolutely critical if you want to gain the benefits of increased maintainability and reusability. This is because any business logic that creeps into the Interface or Interface Control layers will reside within a specific interface and will not be available to any other interfaces that you might create later. Any business logic written into, say, a WPF interface is useless to a web or service interface, and must therefore be written into those as well. This instantly leads to duplicated code, which is a
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