This chapter finished with a look into the workings of object tables. As with nested tables, we discovered there is a lot going on under the covers with object tables in Oracle. We discussed how object views on top of relational tables can give us the functionality of an object table, while at the same time giving us easy access to the underlying relational data.
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- (void)drawView { TIMEVALUE TimeDiff = SubtractTime( GetTimeNow(), WorkTime ); int WorkFrames = GetFrames( &TimeDiff ); while ( WorkFrames-- ) { Update_Input(); Work(); AddFrame( &WorkTime ); } [EAGLContext setCurrentContext:context]; glBindFramebufferOES(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_OES, viewFramebuffer); Draw(); glBindRenderbufferOES(GL_RENDERBUFFER_OES, viewRenderbuffer); [context presentRenderbuffer:GL_RENDERBUFFER_OES] }
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Though not visible in Figure 6-3, the Assign() method accepts a resourceId parameter to identify the resource being assigned to the project. Given this analysis, let s consider the behaviors and information required to assign a project to a resource basically the same process, but starting with a Resource instead of a Project.
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This processor already takes care of the first part: public override ModelContent Process(NodeContent input, ContentProcessorContext context) { List<Vector3[]> modelVertices = new List<Vector3[]>(); modelVertices = AddModelMeshVertexArrayToList (input, modelVertices); } You create the List to store the separate Vector3 arrays. Next, you pass it together with the root Node to the AddModelMeshVertexArrayToList method. First, the method calls itself, passing its child nodes, so they add their arrays of Vector3s to the list first. After all children have added their arrays to the list, the AddModelMeshVertexArrayToList method checks whether the current node contains any vertices. If it does, an array of Vector3s containing the positions of all vertices is created and added to the list. private List<Vector3[]> AddModelMeshVertexArrayToList(NodeContent node, List<Vector3[]> modelVertices) { foreach (NodeContent child in node.Children) modelVertices = AddModelMeshVertexArrayToList(child, modelVertices); MeshContent mesh = node as MeshContent; if (mesh != null) { List<Vector3> nodeVertices = new List<Vector3>(); foreach (GeometryContent geo in mesh.Geometry) {
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The iPod touch can do more than just about any other music player on the market. In a beautiful and elegantly designed package, the iPod touch will have you listening to music, playing games, surfing the web, checking email, and organizing your busy life in no time. NOTE: Take a look at 13: FaceTime Video Messaging and Skype, where we show you how to use the Skype app and the new FaceTime video chat feature on your iPod touch! With your iPod touch, you can view your photos and interact with them using intuitive touch-screen gestures. You can pinch, zoom, rotate, and email your photos all by using simple gestures. Interact with your content like never before. News sites and web sites look amazing due to the incredibly clear and crisp Retina display. Flip through stories, videos, and pictures, and interact with your news. For the first time, reading a book on an electronic device feels like you're reading a paper-page book. Pages turn slowly or quickly, and you can even see the words on the back of the pages when you turn them. Manage your media library with ease. The iTunes app features a beautiful interface, letting you choose music, watch videos, organize playlists, and more all in an effortless and fun way on the iPod touch s high definition quality screen. Do you have a Netflix account You can now manage your content, organize your queue, and stream high-quality movies and TV shows right on your iPod touch. Hulu Plus is available now, so you can watch complete seasons of your favorite TV shows right on your iPod touch (see 10 for more information). NOTE: The Netflix app was recently released in the US and Canada; it requires a subscription to Netflix. Update your Facebook status and receive push alerts all on your iPod touch. Stay connected to the web and your email with the built-in Wi-Fi connection of the iPod touch. All the latest high-speed protocols are supported, so you can always be in touch and get the latest content. The iPod touch also includes a horizontal keyboard to type out emails and notes when you use the device in Landscape mode.
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Note Adding a reference to the other assembly and adding a using directive are two separate things. Adding the reference to the other assembly tells the compiler where the required types are defined. Adding the using directive allows you to reference other classes without having to use their fully qualified names. 10 covers this in detail.
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Defining the Vertices
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