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In the source data, some of the orders do not have a store number entered. In the pivot table, the Store field is in the Row Labels area, and a (blank) item is listed. You want to extract the total for this item using a GetPivotData formula. This problem is based on the GetPivotData.xlsx workbook.
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If you then click one of the links for a web method, you ll get details about that method. For instance, clicking the GetResourceList() method brings up a display similar to the one in Figure 11-9.
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All business objects will be implemented to make use of the class-in-charge scheme discussed in 1. Factory methods are used in lieu of the new keyword, which means that it s best to prevent the use of new, thereby forcing the UI developer to use the factory methods instead. The data portal mechanism, as implemented in 4, requires business classes to include a default constructor. As I reviewed the create, fetch, update, and delete processes for each type of object earlier in this chapter, each sequence diagram showed how the server-side data portal created an instance of the business object. This is done using a technique that requires a default constructor. By making the default constructor private or protected (and by not creating other public constructors), you ensure that UI code must use the factory methods to get an instance of any object: // ... #region Factory Methods private MyBusinessClass() { // require use of factory methods } #endregion // ... This constructor both prevents the new keyword from being called by code outside this class and provides the data portal with the ability to create the object via reflection. Your classes might also include other constructors, but this one is required for all objects.
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This book is broken out into ten chapters, progressing from introductory conceptual information through to advanced discussions of the WS-Specifications, and their implementation using Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0. You will get the most out of this book if you read at least the first five chapters in sequence. These chapters contain reference information and conceptual discussions that are essential to understanding the material in the second half of the book. The remaining chapters of the book cover all of the WS-Specifications that are implemented by WSE 2.0. Finally, the book closes with a chapter on Indigo, which is the code name for a future managed communications infrastructure for building service-oriented applications. The purpose of the Indigo chapter is to show you the direction that service-oriented application development is headed, and to show you how your work with WSE 2.0 will help you make the transition to Indigo very smoothly. The summary of the chapters is as follows: 1, Introducing Service-Oriented Architecture : This chapter introduces the concepts behind service-oriented architecture, and the characteristics of a Web service from the perspective of SOA. This chapter reviews the following topics: SOA concepts and application architecture The WS-I Basic Profile The WS-Specifications Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0 (an introduction)
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At the top of iTunes, inside the Status window, you can see what is happening with the sync. You may see Syncing contacts with Martin s iPod or Syncing calendars with Martin s iPod, which lets you see what is currently being synced.
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For example, the code in Figure 6-3 declares class D with static field Mem2 and instance field Mem1. Main defines two instances of class D. Because Mem2 is static, both instances of class D share a single Mem2 field. If Mem2 is changed in one instance, it is changed in the other as well. Member Mem1 is not declared static, so each instance has its own copy.
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ASP.NET MVC is a radically different approach to web development, so do not underestimate the time it will take developers to adapt to it. Additionally, developers will need familiarity and be able to understand some more advanced concepts such as loosely coupled applications and IOC. ASP.NET MVC is a framework to build upon; it will probably not contain all the functionality you require. ASP.NET MVC is unsuitable if your existing code makes extensive use of ViewState. ASP.NET can make creating custom controls much harder. Many third-party ASP.NET controls will not be compatible with ASP.NET MVC (note that some vendors have released ASP.NET MVC control suites already). ASP.NET MVC can increase application development time. Developers coming from a winforms background might find ASP.NET easier to similarities in event models. Some developers feel that ASP.NET MVC is going back to the days of ASP classic and do not like the tag soup that pages can become. ASP.NET MVC is still in its infancy, and other more mature alternatives exist. Perhaps the most popular is on the .NET platform is MonoRail ( (note the similarities between ASP.NET MVC and Monorail). Another rising star is OpenRasta (, which is an MVC framework with a focus on REST. People get really religious about ASP.NET versus MVC approaches!
Sometimes, your iPod touch won t respond to your touch it freezes in the middle of a program. If this happens, try these steps to see whether the iPod touch will start responding (see Figure 28 1): 1. Click the Home button once to see whether that exits the app to the Home screen. If one particular app is causing trouble, try double-clicking the Home button to open the App Switcher bar. Then press and hold any icon in the App Switcher bar until they all shake and a red circle with a minus sign appears in the upper-left corner of the
Manipulating Strings
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Silverlight and XAML
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