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Figure 18-24. Boxing is the implicit conversion of value types to reference types.
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is dropped onto the canvas. You can. It s just more useful for composite activities.
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As a developer, you should have a good understanding of exactly what goes on during a COMMIT. In this section, we ll investigate what happens during the processing of the COMMIT statement in Oracle. A COMMIT is generally a very fast operation, regardless of the transaction size. You might think that the bigger a transaction (in other words, the more data it affects), the longer a COMMIT would take. This is not true. The response time of a COMMIT is generally flat, regardless of the transaction size. This is because a COMMIT does not really have too much work to do, but what it does do is vital.
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Since the code inside the method must write to an output variable before it can read from it, it is impossible to send data into a method by using output parameters. As a matter of fact, if there is any execution path through the method that attempts to read the value of an output parameter before the method has assigned it a value, the compiler produces an error message. public void Add2( out int InRef ) { int var1 = InRef + 2; // Error! Cannot read from an output variable } // before it has been assigned to by the method. For example, the following code again shows method MyMethod, but this time using output parameters. class MyClass { public int Val = 20; } class Program { static void { f1 = new f1.Val = f2 = }
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ExecutionLocation Property
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An exception is a run-time error in a program that violates a system or application constraint, or a condition that is not expected to occur during normal operation. Examples are when a program tries to divide a number by zero or tries to write to a read-only file. When these occur, the system catches the error and raises an exception. If the program has not provided code to handle the exception, the system will halt the program. For example, the following code raises an exception when it attempts to divide by zero: static void Main() { int x = 10, y = 0; x /= y; }
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The dynamic keyword is used to declare a variable for which static type safety will not be enforced. This is an advanced feature that should not be used unless fully understood.
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Events Are Like Delegates
You can also add songs to the iTunes DJ list or play them next by right-clicking the song in your library and selecting Add to iTunes DJ or Play Next in iTunes DJ.
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