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The great advantage of generic programming is the ability to reuse code, like the reverse method used in Listing 12-6, which was written to work with arbitrary container types and element types. Stepanov s ideal vision was to write a common algorithm, say a sorting algorithm, just once and apply that same code to all situations where that algorithm is needed. As in math, perhaps the most appreciated inventions have been made because of laziness. One imagines that Stepanov had written one too many sorting algorithms before he was inspired to work on a generic programming library. Why not write the ideal sorting algorithm just once and never have to write it again
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Summary of Metadata Validity Rules
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As part of the Silverlight SDK, the Calendar control provides a full calendar onscreen that the user can use to navigate to a month and select a date. It supports forbidding certain dates from being selected and constraining itself to a given date range. Table 3-44 shows the properties for the Calendar control.
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The approach taken in this book and the associated framework is very conducive to code generation. Many people use code generators to automate the process of building common data access logic for their objects, thus achieving high levels of productivity while retaining the ability to create a behavioral object-oriented model.
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before encrypting the column may be radically different from the plans used by the optimizer after encrypting the data due to this sudden inability to get a picture-perfect view of your data. This is a side effect that might happen; it is not a definitely, this will happen to you example. But it is something to keep in mind as you deploy column level encryption.
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XML documents start with a line that includes the version of XML used, the type of character encoding used, and whether the document depends on external references. This is information about the XML, so it s actually metadata about the metadata! This is called the XML declaration and is inserted using the XDeclaration class. The following shows an example of an XDeclaration statement: new XDeclaration("1.0", "utf-8", "yes")
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In addition to transparently helping out queries that use built-in functions like UPPER, LOWER, and so on, function-based indexes can be used to selectively index only some of the rows in a table. As we ll discuss a little later, B*Tree indexes do not contain entries for entirely NULL keys. That is, if you have an index I on a table T Create index I on t(a,b); and you have a row where A and B are both NULL, there will be no entry in the index structure. This comes in handy when you are indexing just some of the rows in a table. Consider a large table with a NOT NULL column called PROCESSED_FLAG that may take one of two values, Y or N, with a default value of N. New rows are added with a value of N to signify not processed, and as they are processed, they are updated to Y to signify processed. We would like to index this column to be able to retrieve the N records rapidly, but there are millions of rows and almost all of them are going to have a value of Y. The resulting B*Tree index will be large, and the cost of maintaining it as we update from N to Y will be high. This table sounds like a candidate for a bitmap index (this is low cardinality, after all!), but this is a transactional system and lots of people will be inserting records at the same time with the processed column set to N and, as we discussed earlier, bitmaps are not good for concurrent modifications. When we factor in the constant updating of N to Y in this table as well, then bitmaps would be out of the question, as this process would serialize entirely. So, what we would really like is to index only the records of interest (the N records). We ll see how to do this with function-based indexes, but before we do, let s see what happens if we just use a regular index. Using the standard BIG_TABLE script described in the setup section, we ll update the TEMPORARY column, flipping the Ys to Ns and the Ns to Ys ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> update big_table set temporary = decode(temporary,"N","Y","N"); 1000000 rows updated. and we ll check out the ratio of Ys to Ns ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select temporary, cnt, 2 round( (ratio_to_report(cnt) over ()) * 100, 2 ) rtr 3 from (
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Editable Root Collection
TIP: To return to your contact information, tap the Map button, and then exit Maps and start up Contacts. You can also use multi-tasking (see 8: Multitasking and Voice Control ) and double-click the Home button and choose the Contacts app.
The view V$SQL_CS_STATISTICS indicates the number of rows processed, as well as the number of consistent gets for the execution when the child execution plan was generated because of adaptive cursor sharing. The view V$SQL_CS_SELECTIVITY indicates the selectivity range of the supplied predicates (the bind variable values) that will help the optimizer determine the most appropriate execution plan during a future execution of the SQL statement with similar supplied bind variable values. The AdaptiveCursorBindTest.sql script demonstrates adaptive cursor sharing in Oracle and above by submitting roughly 10,000 different bind variable combinations for the preceding SQL statement, which used the tables T3 and T4. During testing with Oracle and, 67 child cursors numbered 0 through 66 were created for the SQL statement, with all 67 of the child cursors remaining in the library cache after the script completed, but only three of the child cursors were identified with IS_SHAREABLE set to Y in the V$SQL view. During testing with Oracle, 2,385 child cursors numbered 0 through 1025 (CHILD_NUMBERs 63 and 300 through 332 each showed two entries in V$SQL during another test run when 1,057 child cursors remained in the library cache) were created for the SQL statement but only seven of the child cursors were identified with IS_SHAREABLE set to Y in the V$SQL view. (Other test runs resulted in different child cursor counts, and typically one child cursor identified as shareable. The excessive child cursor count problem is a known bug that was corrected in Oracle
foreach (Exception e in ex.InnerExceptions) { Console.WriteLine("--- Aggregated Exception ---"); Console.WriteLine("Type: {0}", e.GetType()); Console.WriteLine("Message: {0}", e.Message); } } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } In the Main method in the Listing 23 class, the try statement has a catch clause that handles AggregateException. You can get the set of aggregated exceptions through the InnerExceptions property. In the example, I use a foreach loop to enumerate the exceptions and print information about each one. Compiling and running the code in Listing 14-23 produces the following results: --- Aggregated Exception --Type: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Message: Param1 is out of range Parameter name: param1 Actual value was -1. --- Aggregated Exception --Type: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Message: Param2 is out of range Parameter name: param2 Actual value was -1. --- Aggregated Exception --Type: System.NullReferenceException Message: Context parameter is null Press enter to finish
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