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Combining Enum Values
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Figure 2-18. Sending a business object to the data portal to be inserted or updated
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AttrObs.Program.PrintOut(string)' is obsolete: 'Use method SuperPrintOut
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Probably the best feature of Silverlight 3.0 is the ability it offers to run your applications offline. Offline Silverlight applications run with the same permissions as their web counterparts, so they do not require additional permissions to install. Offline applications also work on both PC and Mac platforms, providing a very easy way to create cross-platform .NET applications.
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Open AddressTable.aspx.cs and insert code into the Page_Load event handling function and implement the AddAddress_Click event-handling function. Since we use data binding between the GridView and the ObjectDataSource in AddressTable.aspx and the data binding is bidirectional, the code-behind file is extremely concise as Listing 2-9 shows.
Table 7-1. Key SOAP Classes and Interfaces Name
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