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A traditional Data Access layer consists of a set of methods or services that interact with the database, and with the objects that encapsulate data. The data access code itself is typically outside the objects, rather than being encapsulated within the objects. This, however, breaks encapsulation, since it means that the objects data must be externalized to be handled by the data access code. The framework created in this book allows for the data access code to be encapsulated within the business objects, or externalized into a separate set of objects. As you ll see in 7, there are both performance and maintainability benefits to including the data access code directly inside each business object. However, there are security and manageability benefits to having the code external. Either way, the concept of a Data Access layer is of key importance. Maintaining a strong logical separation between the data access code and business logic is highly beneficial, as discussed earlier in this chapter. Obviously, having a totally separate set of data access objects is one way to clearly implement a Data Access layer. However, logical separation doesn t require putting the logic in separate classes. It is enough to put the data access code in clearly defined data access methods. As long as no data access code exists outside those methods, separation is maintained.
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Introducing Service-Oriented Architecture
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Plant() {} Plant(String^ genus, String^ species, String^ commonName, String^ cultivar, SunEnum sun, WaterEnum water, int zone) {
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Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 No, this is not another client application; it is simply FrontPage renamed and all spruced up. There is some new functionality added that impacts Workflow. The SharePoint Designer includes a wizard interface that allows power users to build a workflow without writing any code. It s called the Workflow Designer and we ll cover it in detail in 4.
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Depending on the features of Oracle you are using, other focused processes may be visible. Some are listed here with a brief description of their function.
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CHAPTER 10: Viewing Videos, TV Shows, and More
vertBuffer = new VertexBuffer(device, VertexPositionTexture.SizeInBytes * vertices.Length, BufferUsage.WriteOnly); vertBuffer.SetData(vertices, 0, vertices.Length); } Next, use the InitIndices method to create an array of indices that point to your vertices, and copy them into your IndexBuffer: private void InitIndices() { int[] indices = new int[6]; int i = 0; indices[i++] = 0; indices[i++] = 1; indices[i++] = 2; indices[i++] = 2; indices[i++] = 3; indices[i++] = 4; indexBuffer = new IndexBuffer(device, typeof(int), indices.Length, BufferUsage.WriteOnly); indexBuffer.SetData<int>(indices); } When creating an IndexBuffer, you have to specify the type of indices you ve used, which will be ints or shorts, and how many you ve used of them.
So in the business object there may be an update method (overriding the one in BusinessBase) marked to be transactional: [Transactional(TransactionalTypes.TransactionScope)] protected override void DataPortal_Update() { // Data update code goes here } At the same time, the object might have a fetch method in the same class that s not transactional: private void DataPortal_Fetch(Criteria criteria) { // Data retrieval code goes here } Or if you are using an object factory (discussed in the next section), the Transactional attribute would be applied to the Update() method in the factory class: public class MyFactory : Csla.Server.ObjectFactory { [Transactional(TransactionalTypes.TransactionScope)] public object Update() { // Data update code goes here } } This facility means that you can control transactional behavior at the method level rather than at the class level. This is a powerful feature because it means that you can do your data retrieval outside of a transaction to get optimal performance and still do updates within the context of a transaction to ensure data integrity. The server-side data portal examines the appropriate method on the business object before it routes the call to the business object itself. If the method is marked with [Transactional (TransactionalTypes.TransactionScope)], the call is routed to a TransactionalDataPortal object that is configured to run within a System.Transactions.TransactionScope. A TransactionScope is powerful because it provides a lightweight transactional wrapper in the case that you are updating a single database; but it automatically upgrades to a distributed transaction if you are updating multiple databases. In short, you get the benefits of COM+ distributed transactions if you need them, but you don t pay the performance penalty if you don t need them. If the method is marked as [Transactional(TransactionalTypes.EnterpriseServices)], the call is routed to a ServicedDataPortal object that is configured to require a COM+ distributed transaction. The ServicedDataPortal then calls the SimpleDataPortal, which delegates the call to your business object, but only after it is running within a distributed transaction. Either way, your code is transactionally protected. If the method doesn t have the attribute, or is marked as [Transactional(TransactionalTypes. Manual)], the call is routed directly to the SimpleDataPortal, as illustrated in Figure 2-15.
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This section teaches you how you can obtain information about the network capabilities of your device and configure your device programmatically.
Verify Statistics Collection
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