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Beyond WSE 2.0: Looking Ahead to Indigo
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C# provides 15 predefined types, which are shown in Figure 3-4 and listed in Tables 3-1 and 3-2. They include 13 simple types and 2 non-simple types. The names of all the predefined types consist of all lowercase characters. The predefined simple types include the following: Eleven numeric types, including Various lengths of signed and unsigned integer types. Floating point types float and double. A high-precision decimal type called decimal. Unlike float and double, type decimal can represent decimal fractional numbers exactly. It is often used for monetary calculations. A Unicode character type, called char. A Boolean type, called bool. Type bool represents Boolean values and must be one of two values either true or false.
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Figure 1-1. Use these settings for your first Silverlight 4 application. The New Silverlight Application dialog box will appear. Uncheck the Host the Silverlight application in a new Web site and click OK, as I am doing in Figure 1-2.
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So, the entire goal of automatic PGA memory management is to maximize the use of RAM while at the same time not using more RAM than you want. Under manual memory management, this was a virtually impossible goal to achieve. If you set SORT_AREA_SIZE to 10MB, when one user was performing a sort operation that user would use up to 10MB for the sort work area. If 100 users were doing the same, they would use up to 1,000MB of memory. If you had 500MB of free memory, the single user performing a sort by himself could have used much more memory, and the 100 users should have used much less. That is what automatic PGA memory management was designed to do. Under a light workload, memory usage could be maximized as the load increases on the system, and as more users perform sort or hash operations, the amount of memory allocated to them would decrease to reach the goal of using all available RAM, but not attempting to use more than physically exists.
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// Implicit private field // Explicit private field // Public field // Implicit private method
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Note At present IronRuby and IronPython dynamic languages are in the continuous development and improvement stage. Visit their home pages to access the latest release of the respective languages. You can also get the related source code along with the source code of DLR by visiting http://dlr.codeplex.com/.
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You might wonder what would happen if the column used to determine the partition is modified in any of the preceding partitioning schemes. There are two cases to consider: The modification would not cause a different partition to be used; the row would still belong in this partition. This is supported in all cases. The modification would cause the row to move across partitions. This is supported if row movement is enabled for the table; otherwise, an error will be raised.
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Figure 6-16. Error page when the UpdatePanel and ScriptManager controls aren t properly configured
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Note You can get detailed features matrix providing comparison between features capabilities in Silverlight 4
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