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//perform steps to automate UI testing such as setting text box value foreach (AutomationElement item in uiScreenTextBoxes) { object valuePattern = null; if (item.TryGetCurrentPattern(ValuePattern.Pattern, out valuePattern)) { ((ValuePattern)valuePattern).SetValue("TestValue"); } } //perform steps to automate UI testing such as //simulating mouse click, keyboard strokes.. object invokePattern = null; if (uiButton.TryGetCurrentPattern(InvokePattern.Pattern, out invokePattern)) { // This event will be invoked ("btnCalcHash_Click"); ((InvokePattern)invokePattern).Invoke(); }
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Apache Lander
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A Simple C# Program Identifiers and Keywords Main: The Starting Point of a Program Whitespace Statements Text Output from a Program Comments: Annotating the Code
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Edit Level Tracking
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Suggesting an array capacity that is large enough to hold the string you intend to build can avoid the time-consuming operation of creating a larger array and copying the contents of the StringBuilder to it. If you already have the foundation for the string that you want to build, you can provide this as the basis of the StringBuilder, like this:
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Endpoint references are a little less intuitive than addressing headers, and they are more akin to the WSDL <service> tag. Think of endpoint references as complex XML data types that provide a collection of child elements to describe the various facets of the type. Endpoint references provide both addressing and SOAP binding information. Recall from 2 that the <service> element provides port information and binding information combined. The <service> element describes the operations that are available at a service endpoint, and also provides you with a message protocol specific binding address. The only message protocol we are really focused on here is SOAP. So, to be more specific, an endpoint reference tells you what operations are supported at a given port, and also how you should address SOAP messages to that port. Listing 9-3 shows an example of an endpoint reference as it is included within a SOAP message. Compare this with Listing 9-2, which uses message information headers. Notice that the endpoint reference stores the addressing destination information in a different tag, and that it also contains dynamic reference information (such as AccountID) that is specific to the endpoint reference.
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