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Note The %n in the formatter string specifies the use of the platform-specific newline character in the output string. Had \n been specified instead, it would have been incorrect for the platforms that use \r (Mac) or \r\n (Windows). There are times when you want \n, but it is better to not explicitly use it unless you really want it. See Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, for more information about newlines (
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demonstrate that Oracle will limit the number of department keys per block based on my SIZE parameter above. Therefore, I needed more than the four department rows found in SCOTT.DEPT. I generated nine rows using the connect by level trick against DUAL and performed a Cartesian join of those nine rows with the four in DEPT resulting in 36 unique rows. I did a similar trick with EMP to fabricate data for these departments.
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Note This feature of multiple block sizes was introduced for the purpose of making transportable tablespaces
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The ProjectInfo object is responsible for providing read-only information about a project, while the ResourceInfo object provides read-only information about a resource. By loading the minimum amount of data required to meet these responsibilities, these objects provide a highperformance solution and follow good behavioral object design.
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In managed classes, const fields are not seen as constant when invoked using the #using directive. You can initialize constant values that will be seen as constants even when invoked in that way by declaring them with the literal modifier. The literal field so created has the same visibility rules as a static field and is a compile-time constant value that cannot be changed. It is declared as in Listing 6-3. Listing 6-3. Declaring Literals ref class Scrabble { // Literals are constants that can be initialized in the class body. literal int TILE_COUNT = 100; // the number of tiles altogether literal int TILES_IN_HAND = 7; // the number of tiles in each hand // ... }; A literal field is allowed to have an initializer right in the class declaration. The value initialized must be computable at compile time. literal is added as a modifier in the same position that static would appear, that is, after other modifiers (see Listing 6-4) but before the variable name; literal is considered a storage class specifier. Listing 6-4. Initializing a Literal // literal.cpp using namespace System; ref class C { literal String^ name = "Bob"; public:
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It is very easy to establish a dependency between a cache entry and an XML file. This is a great feature, as it enables you to load, parse, and cache an XML document for exactly as long as you need to: until you make a change to the document. Make a change to the doc, and the cache entry is automatically purged. This type of dependency has very limited applications, though. It s very common to get XML data via a URL, or Web Service, or maybe even the database. In fact, it is still much more common to get data from the database than it is from XML in the first place. When it comes to loading data out of a database table and putting it into the cache, you have no similar capability to automatically purge the entry when a change is made to the data. The best you can do in 1.x of the Framework is to establish a timeout on the cache entry, and accept some level of latency. For example, if you put the data in the cache and have an absolute expiration of 60 seconds, any change you make to the data will take, at most, 59 seconds to show up. This solution is not attractive for a couple of reasons. Sometimes this level of latency is not acceptable. A change to the data may need to show up on the site immediately. Conversely, sometimes your queries are so expensive that you don t want to go back to the database at 60-second intervals to refresh it, especially since there s no guarantee the data has even changed during that time. What you d really like to do is create a cache entry, and tell the cache that if, for example, the data in the authors table changes, then purge the cache entry so you ll know to go back to the database to refresh it. This feature has been added in version 2.0 of the Framework, but only for SQL Server 7 and later. The implementation for SQL Server 2005 is very different than it is for versions preceding it. Here, we ll examine the feature in SQL Server 7 and 2000. Currently, XML file cache invalidation is done with the FileDependency class. SQL Server cache invalidation is done with a new class, named SQLCacheDependency. This type uses a combination of triggers on the database and polling from the client to determine when a cache entry has expired (see Figure 11-6).
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Remote Data Portal (with Enterprise Services)
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Now that the disposal has occurred, set the disposed flag to true. Finally, call the garbage collector s SuppressFinalize method to tell the garbage collector not to call the class s destructor.
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Figure 2-6. Icons from the system tray showing that the development storage service and development fabric services have been launched from the local development environment
onWorkflowActivated activity even though, as I mentioned earlier, the onWorkflowActivated activity needs to be the first activity in our workflow. This is because the Designer does not know to stop us. Having the onWorkflowActivated activity come first is a SharePoint restriction. The Designer will let us build and compile a workflow with another activity first, but if we deploy it and try to run it, SharePoint will yell at us the exact message is Correlation value has not been initialized on declaration <correlation_token_name> for activity <name_of_activity> or something similar, depending on which activity you have first.
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