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MemberRefParent STRING BLOB
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Besides declaring a variable s name and type, a declaration can also initialize its memory to a specific value. A variable initializer consists of an equals sign followed by the initializing value, as shown here: Initializer int var2 = 17; Local variables without initializers have an undefined value, and cannot be used until they have been assigned a value. Attempting to use an undefined local variable causes the compiler to produce an error message. Figure 3-12 shows a number of local variable declarations on the left, and the resulting stack configuration on the right. Some of the variables have initializers and others do not.
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The previous section used an interface that was already declared in the BCL. In this section, we ll look at how to declare interfaces. The important things to know about declaring an interface are the following: An interface declaration cannot contain data members. An interface declaration can only contain declarations of the following kinds of nonstatic function members: Methods Properties Events Indexers The declarations of these function members cannot contain any implementation code. Instead, a semicolon must be used for the body of each member declaration. By convention, interface names begin with an uppercase I (e.g., ISaveable). Like classes and structs, interface declarations can also be split into partial interface declarations, as described in the Partial Classes section of 6.
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Throwing Exceptions
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Figure 9-15. Our custom action in the SharePoint Designer
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FilterType has four types that can be used in conjunction with one another: Numbers, LowercaseLetters, UppercaseLetters, and Custom. If you choose Custom, then you must provide a list of characters to the ValidChars or InvalidChars property depending on the need. If you have a combination of values for FilterType, (e.g., Numbers, Custom), the FilterTextBox extender applies the more stringent inclusion or exclusion of character as
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Combining Byte Arrays
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Normally, the type can be determined by looking at the class within which the criteria class is nested, because that is the business class itself. But in this case, the criteria class is nested inside the base class rather than the business class itself, so that technique won t work. The data portal would end up trying to instantiate an instance of NameValueListBase rather than the actual business class. This problem can be avoided because the Criteria class is a subclass of Csla.CriteriaBase. Remember that in 4 the data portal was designed to use CriteriaBase to find the specific type of business object to be created. The Criteria class has a constructor that requires the business developer to provide the type of the name/value list object to be created. In the following PaymentTerms example, the factory method uses this constructor when creating the Criteria object: public static PaymentTerms GetList() { return DataPortal.Fetch<PaymentTerms>( new Criteria(typeof(PaymentTerms))); } This ensures that the data portal knows that it is a PaymentTerms object that is to be created. This Criteria class works for the common case in which the entire set of name/value data is to be retrieved.
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The Employee Performance Review (EPR) system will be an ASP.NET application that uses a workflow created with WF. Both the ASP.NET application and the workflow will use a SQL Server database called EPR. The workflow will also use the SQLPersistenceService database that will be used to keep persistence information about the workflow. You ll create both the ASP.NET application and the workflow using VB. Finally, the workflow will use the SendEmail and ExecuteSQL activities that were created in 8. Following are the steps that will be taken to develop this application: 1. Create the EPR database and the necessary tables. 2. Create the SQLPersistenceService SQL Server database. 3. Create a new ASP .NET Web site. 4. Build all ASP .NET Web pages that don t interact with the workflow. 5. Build the complete workflow and test with a simple console application first. 6. Connect the ASP .NET Web pages and the workflow together.
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Gets or sets whether a frame is responsible for managing its own navigation history or it integrates with the Web browser journal. By default, it is set to Automatic, which automatically records navigation history to the browser journal (if allowed). Otherwise, it will be recorded only in the Frame control journal. You can set the value of the JournalOwnership property to OwnsJournal to store history only in the Frame control journal. If set to UsesParentJournal, then the Frame control will follow the settings of the parent Frame control s JournalOwnership property. If there is no parent Frame control, then the navigation history will be stored in the browser journal. Gets or sets the uniform resource identifier (URI) of the current content or the content that is being navigated to. Gets or sets the object to manage converting a uniform resource identifier (URI) to another URI for this frame.
For example, the software development department of the Acme Widget Company develops software in the following three namespaces, as shown in the following code: AcmeWidgets.SuperWidget AcmeWidgets.Media AcmeWidgets.Games
Similar to regular WCF basicHttpBinding. The basicHttpRelayBinding creates a publicly discoverable HTTP endpoint listening to the cloud-based Service Bus application.
// Access private field
To add a carbon copy (Cc:) or blind carbon copy (Bcc:) recipient, you need to tap the Cc:/Bcc: just under the To: field at the top of the email message. Doing so opens up the tapped field.
Some important things to know about attributes are the following: Most attributes apply only to the construct immediately following the attribute section or sections. A construct with an attribute applied to it is sometimes said to be decorated, or adorned, with the attribute. Both terms are common.
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