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Figure 12-13. Binding the orchestration
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Moving Through and Enjoying Content
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It should be possible to treat a SmartDate like a regular DateTime as much as possible, anyway. Since it s not possible for it to inherit from DateTime, there s no way for it to be treated just like a
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Generic interfaces allow you to write interfaces where the parameters and return types of interface members are generic type parameters. Generic interface declarations are similar to non-generic interface declarations, but have the type parameter list in angle brackets after the interface name. For example, the following code declares a generic interface called IMyIfc. Generic class Simple implements the generic interface. Main instantiates two objects of the generic class: one with type int, and the other with type string. Type parameter interface IMyIfc<T> { T ReturnIt(T inValue); } Type parameter Generic interface class Simple<S> : IMyIfc<S> { public S ReturnIt(S inValue) { return inValue; } } class Program { static void Main() { var trivInt = new Simple<int>(); var trivString = new Simple<string>(); Console.WriteLine("{0}", trivInt.ReturnIt(5)); Console.WriteLine("{0}", trivString.ReturnIt("Hi there.")); } } This code produces the following output: 5 Hi there.
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Dynamic Languages
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Orientation="Horizontal"> <TextBlock Text="Enter user id: "/> <TextBox Width="200" Height="20" VerticalAlignment="Top"/> </StackPanel> </StackPanel> </UserControl>
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WSE 2.0 includes support for messaging, which provides developers with a new range of features for transporting and processing SOAP messages. Traditional XML Web services support the HTTP transport protocol only, which limits the client and server to communicating with a synchronous, Request/Response design pattern. WSE 2.0 messaging continues to support the HTTP protocol, but it also adds support for two additional transport protocols: TCP: A low-level protocol that communicates across processes and domain boundaries. Instant messenger and chat applications use the TCP protocol. In-Process: This protocol is designed for communications between components within the same application domain. It is an optimized, low-level protocol that provides the flexibility of TCP. In addition, WSE 2.0 provides classes that allow you to custom implement additional transport protocols, such as SMTP and MSMQ.
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3. Name the new class Vehicle and click the Add button. 4. Repeat this process but name the new class IModeOfTransporation. 5. Change IModeOfTransporation from a public class to an interface (interfaces are public by
for the left and right and 1 for the top and bottom. Your Border should look something like that shown in Figure 4-10.
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