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The next version of the Framework introduces a more elaborate transaction model, enabling you to have a transaction manage work that gets done in memory, so it can be rolled back the same way transactional database work can be. We ll examine this and see how a transaction can start as you make modifications to business objects, and then be promoted to do database work, and get promoted again if the transaction becomes distributed across databases. We ll also show you how to implement your own resource manager, which can do work that will participate in these transactions.
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Caveats When Upgrading Code to Visual C++ 2005 or 2008
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Maintainability is concerned with the evolution of your system over time. It s highly unusual to ship an application and have all business stakeholders and users simultaneously proclaim Yes! Yes! This is exactly what we needed! It does the job perfectly! It s more likely that they ll start requesting changes right away. Sometimes they ll wait a day while your team recovers from pulling an all-nighter to get the thing working in production in the first place, but when they do make requests, what type of changes to the system can you expect Your initial requirements may be quite a bit more ambitious than what you ve committed to ship on the application s first iteration. Office was not built in a day. However, knowing the requirements that will be present in future iterations can be of great benefit during the architectural design phase, as you can take some of these features into account in the solution.
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CHAPTER 14: Email on Your iPod touch
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6-3. Add Higher Detail to Your Lighting: Per-Pixel Lighting
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IStockTrader Interface
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Table 10-2. Index Leaf Block, COMPRESS 2 Sys,table t4 t300 t1 t5 t103 t301 t2 t104 t302 t3 t303
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Table 10-2, which indicates the associated Indigo object that abstracts the transport protocol information.
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From Server
Look at, zoom in on, and organize your pictures.
Figure 3-5. An inside look at a shadow DLL generated by the ASP .NET Framework A quick glance through the structure of this assembly reveals how the markup is transformed into a code file. In the ASP namespace lives the class that s generated when the Framework transforms your markup into a class. Notice that it extends the class named WebForm1, which you partially defined in your code-behind, and partially provided by code generation of the Framework. That class exists in the WebDemo namespace (a namespace of our choosing from the code-behind) and it extends System.Web.UI.Page. Refer to Figure 3-2 for a
Identifier, defined (or not) using the #define directive
Figure 4-5. Modify PivotTable Quick Style dialog box
Figure 6-5. Test results One thing you need to bear in mind that whenever an event happens all clients hooked up to the event hub will be notified whether they are interested or not. In practice, a peer-to-peer connected distributed system is a very useful system that enables the message flow to be controlled nicely. Before Azure, the technogy used by the .NET Framework to build such a system is .NET Remoting. The challenge in .NET Remoting is how to connect applications run behind firewalls. .NET Service Bus makes this goal very easy to achieve. Next we are going to look at how to build a non-connected system using the .NET Service Bus.
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