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Most cloud computing platforms only charge you for what you use, and Windows Azure is no exception. Microsoft says that free trials will be on offer for developers to experiment with Azure and preview accounts will be cancelled in January. Table 16-1 lists the prices. I've also included a brief summary of the current SLA agreement. Alan Dean (one of the organizers of the UK Alt Net conference and REST architecture expert) suggested to me this could lead to financial reviews being carried out on code (as if you didn t have enough to worry about without accountants as well). For example, unnecessary use of ViewState could result in a big bill at the end of the month. Table 16-1. Summary of Windows Azure Pricing
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The Clone method performs a shallow copy of an array. This means that it only creates a clone of the array itself. If it is a reference type array, it does not copy the objects referenced by the elements. This has different results for value type arrays and reference type arrays. Cloning a value type array results in two independent arrays. Cloning a reference type array results in two arrays pointing at the same objects. The Clone method returns a reference of type object, which must be cast to the array type. int[] intArr1 = { 1, 2, 3 }; Array type Returns an object int[] intArr2 = ( int[] ) intArr1.Clone(); For example, the following code shows an example of cloning a value type array, producing two independent arrays. Figure 14-16 illustrates the steps shown in the code. static void Main() { int[] intArr1 = { 1, 2, 3 }; int[] intArr2 = (int[]) intArr1.Clone(); intArr2[0] = 100; intArr2[1] = 200; intArr2[2] = 300; }
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I ve already discussed the drawbacks of putting business logic into the Interface Control layer, but I haven t thoroughly discussed the drawback of keeping the data in a generic representation such as a DataSet or data transfer object (DTO). The data in a DataSet (or a DTO, array, or XML document) is unintelligent, unprotected, and generally unsafe. There s nothing to prevent anyone from putting invalid data into any of these containers, and there s nothing to ensure that the business logic behind one form in the application will interact with the data in the same way as the business logic behind another form. A DataSet or an XML document with an XML Schema Definition (XSD) might ensure that text cannot be entered where a number is required or that a number cannot be entered where a date is required. At best, it might enforce some basic relational-integrity rules. However, there s no way to ensure that the values match other criteria, or that calculations or other processing is done properly
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Deleting an Object
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