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Cancellation tokens are a struct that provide a consistent means of cancellation. You might want to use a cancellation token to cancel a function or task that is taking too long or using too much of a machine s resources. Support is provided in many of the Task and PLINQ methods for the use of cancellation tokens. To use cancellation tokens, you first need to create a CancellationTokenSource. Then you can utilize it to pass a cancellation token into the target method by using the Token property. Within your method, you can then check the token s IsCancellationRequested property and throw an operation cancelled exception if you find this to be true (e.g. a cancellation has occurred). When you want to perform a cancellation, you simply need to call the Cancel() method on the cancellation source that will then set the token s IsCancellationRequested() method to true. This sounds more complex than it actually is; the following example demonstrates this process: static CancellationTokenSource cts = new CancellationTokenSource(); static void Main(string[] args) { Task t = Task.Factory.StartNew(() => DoSomething(), cts.Token); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(2000); cts.Cancel(); Console.ReadKey(); } public static void DoSomething() { try { while (true) { Console.WriteLine("doing stuff");
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Additionally, there are two types of multidimensional arrays, rectangular arrays and jagged arrays, which have the following characteristics: Rectangular arrays Are multidimensional arrays where all the subarrays in a particular dimension have the same length Always use a single set of square brackets, regardless of the number of dimensions int x = myArray2[4, 6, 1] Jagged arrays Are multidimensional arrays where each subarray is an independent array Can have subarrays of different lengths Use a separate set of square brackets for each dimension of the array jagArray1[2][7][4] // Three sets of square brackets // One set of square brackets
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Introducing Silverlight
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The board is worn and has dents from years of use. Yes, even just playing casually can cause its wear and tear. The board can be flipped on its back, just like a real board, and on the backside you ll see the engine and other elements depending on the context (see Figure 1-7). Notice the engravings on the main gear. It says Cocoa Stuff, DENMARK. Above the visible gears there s an engraving in the wood saying Manufactured by Cocoa Stuff. I ll go into even more detail with the engine in the Making the User Smile section.
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Rating Control
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Copying a Struct
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Figure 11-8. The general algorithm for handling an exception
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Given that rules follow a specific pattern, it is possible to define a method signature that covers virtually all business rules. In .NET, a method signature can be formally defined using a delegate; here s the definition for a rule method: public delegate bool RuleHandler(object target, RuleArgs e); Every rule is implemented as a method that returns a Boolean result: true if the rule is satisfied, false if the rule is broken. The object containing the data to be validated is passed as the first argument, and the second argument is a RuleArgs object that you can use to pass extra rule-specific information. This means that a business rule in a business class looks like this: private static bool CustNameRequired(object target, RuleArgs e) { if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(((Customer)target).Name)) { e.Description = "Customer name required"; return false; } else return true; } If the length of the target object s Name property is zero, then the rule is not satisfied, so it returns false. It also sets the Description property of the RuleArgs object to a human-readable description of why the rule is broken. This illustrates a rule that you could implement within a single business class. By using reflection, you could write entirely reusable rule methods that any business class can use. You ll see some
want other sessions to lock rows on you. But you are not using a table lock to make it easier for the system by avoiding having to allocate row locks; you are using a table lock to ensure you can gain access to all of the resources your batch program needs in this case. Concurrency and consistency can be achieved simultaneously. You can get it fast and correct, every time. Readers of data are not blocked by writers of data. Writers of data are not blocked by readers of data. This is one of the fundamental differences between Oracle and most other relational databases.
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