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work. Unfortunately, the hardest physical tier to scale up for more users is the database server, since it is difficult to use load-balancing techniques on it. The only real alternative is to buy bigger and bigger server machines.
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The GridView control has a CommandField column, which automatically creates a Delete link for each row of data. If the user clicks a Delete link, the GridView deletes that row of data by calling its data source control, ProjectListDataSource. The result is a DeleteObject event handled in the page: protected void ProjectListDataSource_DeleteObject( object sender, Csla.Web.DeleteObjectArgs e) { try { ProjectTracker.Library.Project.DeleteProject( new Guid(e.Keys["Id"].ToString())); e.RowsAffected = 1; } catch (Csla.DataPortalException ex) { this.ErrorLabel.Text = ex.BusinessException.Message; e.RowsAffected = 0; } catch (Exception ex) { this.ErrorLabel.Text = ex.Message; e.RowsAffected = 0; } } Again, the DataKeyNames property being set in the GridView means that the Id column value from the row automatically flows into this event handler through e.Keys. That value is converted to a Guid object so that the static DeleteProject() method on the Project class can be called. The result is immediate deletion of the related project data.
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If you want to lock your iPod touch remotely, tap the Remote Lock button on the settings page. Enter a new passcode twice to set it on your iPod touch. Your iPod touch will immediately be locked with this new passcode.
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Inside the CreateMargin constructor above the line that reads return new GreenMargin(textViewHost.TextView); add the following code: textViewHost.TextView.VisualElement.LayoutTransform = new RotateTransform(245);
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class Top100ScoresController < ApplicationController # GET / top100_scores # GET /top100_scores .xml def index @high_scores = HighScore.find(:all, :limit => 100, :order => 'score desc') respond_to do |format| format.html # index.html.erb format.xml { render :xml => @high_scores } end end end
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In our workflow.xml file we accepted the default values for the AssociationUrl, InstantiationUrl, and ModificationUrl entries. That s great, but what exactly do these entries do and what are those ASPX pages that are referenced in the values The answer is so simple it just might surprise you someone back at Camp Redmond gets a gold star on the refrigerator for devising a scheme that is the perfect mix of simplicity and power. I ll use the initiation form as an example, but the association and modification forms operate in a similar way. What happens is this: When a new instance of a workflow is started on a list item, SharePoint checks the InstantiationUrl entry in the workflow.xml file for that workflow template. SharePoint now knows which ASPX page to load and its job is essentially done. The ASPX page loads and finishes the process of loading our form, independent of SharePoint. In the case of InfoPath forms, the ASPX page that loads is one provided by Microsoft as part of the product. That ASPX page contains a special web part that handles the rest of the form interaction. It reads the Instantiation_FormURN from the workflow.xml file to identify the specific form that it needs to load and present to the user. Mission accomplished.
Previous chapters have covered a number of different declaration statements, including declarations of local variables, classes, and class members. This chapter covers the embedded statements, which do not declare types, variables, or instances. Instead, they use expressions and flow-of-control constructs to work with the objects and variables that have been declared by the declaration statements. A simple statement consists of an expression followed by a semicolon. A block is a sequence of statements enclosed by matching curly braces. The enclosed statements can include the following: Declaration statements Embedded statements Labeled statements Nested blocks
[Transaction(TransactionOption.Required)] public class CustomerService { public void IncreaseCreditLimit( int customerNum, double increaseAmount) { try { Customer cust = new Customer(customerNum); double max = cust.MaxAllowableCredit; double current = cust.CreditLimit; if (max < current + increaseAmount) { ContextUtil.MyTransactionVote = TransactionVote.Abort; } else { cust.CreditLimit += increaseAmount; cust.Save(); ContextUtil.MyTransactionVote = TransactionVote.Commit; } } catch (Exception ex) { ContextUtil.MyTransactionVote = TransactionVote.Abort; throw new Exception( "Attempt to increase limit failed", ex); } } } It s only necessary to use this option when you do not want to throw exceptions when a component is unable to finish its work. Generally, unless it interferes with a larger errorhandling strategy, you should use the AutoComplete attribute, as this results in much cleaner code overall. Transactions are managed under the hood of COM+ by the Distributed Transaction Coordinator, a separate Windows Service. This service must be running for COM+ transactions to work. It is an expensive resource, and you must make considerations for the overhead your application will incur when you decide to use it. MSDTC is not the only technology available to manage transactions; you should consider other less-expensive options before deciding to go into COM+. A few bars for entry into COM+ for transactional management exist.
Figure 7-2. Create a cloud sequential workflow project
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