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You applied a PivotTable style to a pivot table, and you would like to remove it. You would prefer to have a pivot table with no fill color or header formatting. This example is based on the Regions.xlsx workbook.
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The using Namespace Directive
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Listing 9-5. Using Invocable to Reverse Strings
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ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select sys_nc_rowinfo$ from people; SYS_NC_ROWINFO$(NAME, DOB, HOME_ADDRESS(CITY,STREET,STATE,ZIP), WORK_ADDRESS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------PERSON_TYPE("Tom", "15-MAR-65", ADDRESS_TYPE("Reston", "123 Main Street", "Va", 45678), ADDRESS_TYPE("Redwood", "1 Oracle Way", "Ca", 23456) NAME, DOB: These are the scalar attributes of our object table. They are stored much as we would expect, as regular columns. HOME_ADDRESS, WORK_ADDRESS: These are magic functions as well. They return the collection of columns they represent as a single object. These consume no real space except to signify NULL or NOT NULL for the entity. SYS_NCnnnnn$: These are the scalar implementations of our embedded object types. Since the PERSON_TYPE had the ADDRESS_TYPE embedded in it, Oracle needed to make room to store them in the appropriate type of columns. The systemgenerated names are necessary since a column name must be unique, and there is nothing stopping us from using the same object type more than once as we did here. If the names were not generated, we would have ended up with the ZIP column twice. qr code combobox
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If you have apps with updates available, there will be a small number indicated in red. This number corresponds to the number of apps with updates. When you touch the Update button, the iPod touch shows you which apps have updates.
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Not all types can be instantiated as values. The CLI separates types into value types and reference types. As Figure 2-1 shows, the base class System::ValueType is used to differentiate value types from reference types. Everything that is derived from this class is a value type; all other types are reference types. Value types like System::Int32 can be instantiated either as an object (on the GC heap) or as a value. In contrast to value types, reference types can only be instantiated as an object. Instead of the actual instance, the declaring context can contain only tracking handles (and other referencing types not discussed yet). Figure 2-3 shows a managed stack and a managed heap of a simple application that instantiates a System::String, which is a reference type. Two tracking handles reference this new instance. Furthermore, the type int is instantiated twice, once as an object on the managed heap and once as a value on the stack.
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The Unary % Operator and Tracking References
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A WCF service can be hosted in many types of applications: Windows Service, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and even a simple console application. Although ASP .NET will likely be the most popular host for services, for the sake of simplicity the following example demonstrates how to host a service within a simple console application. static void Main(string[] args) { using (ServiceHost<MathService> service = new ServiceHost<MathService>()) { // communication infrastructure set up on call to open service.Open(); //Stay alive to process requests Console.WriteLine("Hit [Enter] to exit"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The points of interest in this simple example are the ServiceHost constructor call and the call to Service.Open method. By constructing the generic ServiceHost class with the MathService parameter, the runtime generates a hosting environment for the MathService service. The ServicedHost.Open method establishes the communication infrastructure required by each endpoint based on its binding. Each opened ServicedHost consumes its share of resources, so it s important to close the service to release those resources. You could do this explicitly by calling the Close method on the ServiceHost, but the previous example implements a using block that implicitly closes the ServiceHost once the thread leaves the scope of the using block.
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The break Statement
-(void)connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection didFailWithError:(NSError *)error { [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setNetworkActivityIndicatorVisible:FALSE]; // alert the user there has been an error submitting the high score NSLog(@"Error connecting - %@", [error localizedFailureReason]); [connection release]; } -(void)connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection didReceiveResponse:(NSURLResponse *)response { NSHTTPURLResponse *HTTPresponse = (NSHTTPURLResponse *)response; NSInteger statusCode = [HTTPresponse statusCode]; if ( 404 == statusCode || 500 == statusCode ) { [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setNetworkActivityIndicatorVisible:FALSE]; // alert the user there has been an error submitting the high score [connection cancel]; NSLog(@"Server Error - %@", [ NSHTTPURLResponse localizedStringForStatusCode:statusCode ]); } else if ( 200 == statusCode) { // the high score submission was successful!
The Command and CommandParameter are core properties for implementing MVVM (Model View ViewModel) pattern in your Silverlight application. We will discuss them further in 11. The ButtonBase class provides a single event, Click (event args class: RoutedEventHandler). Figure 312 shows what the various buttons Button, HyperlinkButton, RepeatButton and ToggleButton look like by default.
Notice that for this method, there is a single argument that accepts an Int32. You declared the ObjectDataSource with an Int32 control parameter on the select statement. The control parameter points to the SelectedIndex property of the ListBox. This has the effect of passing the selected value of the ListBox into the GetBook method of the second ObjectDataSource, which you ll use to bind a DetailsView control to display the book. You can see the entire coil laid out in Figure 11-3. Keep in mind that at this point, there s not a single line of code in the code-behind the EditBook Web Form.
Duplicate Objects
In addition to the four defined SQL isolation levels, Oracle provides another level, namely READ ONLY. A READ ONLY transaction is equivalent to a REPEATABLE READ or SERIALIZABLE transaction that can t perform any modifications in SQL. A transaction using a READ ONLY isolation level only sees those changes that were committed at the time the transaction began, but inserts, updates, and deletes are not permitted in this mode (other sessions may update data, but not the READ ONLY transaction). Using this mode, you can achieve REPEATABLE READ and SERIALIZABLE levels of isolation. Let s now move on to discuss exactly how multi-versioning and read consistency fit into the isolation scheme and how databases that do not support multi-versioning achieve the same results. This information is instructive for anyone who has used another database and believes she understands how the isolation levels must work. It is also interesting to see how a standard that was supposed to remove the differences between the databases, ANSI/ISO SQL, actually allows for them. The standard, while very detailed, can be implemented in very different ways.
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