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The code behind your page will now have the <Timer> tag already defined. Here s an example of a timer that has been customized with a 5,000-millisecond interval (5 seconds in other words), with the name tc1 and the event handler tc1_tick: <atlas:TimerControl ID="tc1" runat="server" Interval="5000" OnTick="tc1_Tick"> </atlas:TimerControl> Now, within the tc1_Tick function, you can write a handler for the timer. Additionally, a useful case for this is to use it to feed a ControlEventTrigger trigger type on an UpdatePanel control. Here s an example: <atlas:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server"> <Triggers> <atlas:ControlEventTrigger ControlID="tc1" EventName="Tick" /> </Triggers> <ContentTemplate> <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Label"> </asp:Label> </ContentTemplate> </atlas:UpdatePanel> And now, whenever the timer ticks, the UpdatePanel control will have an update triggered automatically.
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The ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS makes this a transaction-based temporary table. When my session commits, the rows disappear. The rows will disappear by simply giving back the temporary extents allocated to my table there is no overhead involved in the automatic clearing of temporary tables. Now, let s look at the differences between the two types: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> insert into temp_table_session select * from scott.emp; 14 rows created. ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> insert into temp_table_transaction select * from scott.emp; 14 rows created. We ve just put 14 rows into each TEMP table, and this shows we can see them: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select session_cnt, transaction_cnt 2 from ( select count(*) session_cnt from temp_table_session ), 3 ( select count(*) transaction_cnt from temp_table_transaction ); SESSION_CNT TRANSACTION_CNT ----------- --------------14 14 ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> commit; Since we ve committed, we ll see the session-based rows but not the transaction-based rows: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select session_cnt, transaction_cnt 2 from ( select count(*) session_cnt from temp_table_session ), 3 ( select count(*) transaction_cnt from temp_table_transaction ); SESSION_CNT TRANSACTION_CNT ----------- --------------14 0 ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> disconnect Disconnected from Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - Production With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing optionsops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> connect / Connected. Since we ve started a new session, we ll see no rows in either table: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select session_cnt, transaction_cnt 2 from ( select count(*) session_cnt from temp_table_session ), 3 ( select count(*) transaction_cnt from temp_table_transaction ); SESSION_CNT TRANSACTION_CNT ----------- --------------0 0 If you have experience of temporary tables in SQL Server and/or Sybase, the major consideration for you is that instead of executing SELECT X, Y, Z INTO #TEMP FROM SOME_TABLE to dynamically create and populate a temporary table, you will
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Like remoting, Enterprise Services automatically serializes and deserializes objects as they move between client and server. However, there s one extra issue that must be covered when hosting within COM+. Due to the way .NET assemblies are dynamically loaded, the .NET serialization process is unable to automatically discover business assemblies even if they are already loaded into memory. To overcome this problem, the class has a Shared constructor that sets up an event handler to work around the serialization issue: Shared Sub New() SerializationWorkaround() End Sub Private Shared Sub SerializationWorkaround() ' hook up the AssemblyResolve ' event so deep serialization works properly ' this is a workaround for a bug in the .NET runtime Dim currentDomain As AppDomain = AppDomain.CurrentDomain AddHandler currentDomain.AssemblyResolve, _ AddressOf ResolveEventHandler End Sub Private Shared Function ResolveEventHandler( _ ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As ResolveEventArgs) As [Assembly] ' get a list of all the assemblies loaded in our appdomain Dim list() As [Assembly] = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies() ' search the list to find the assemby that was not found automatically ' and return the assembly from the list Dim asm As [Assembly] For Each asm In list If asm.FullName = args.Name Then Return asm End If Next ' if the assembly wasn't already in the appdomain, then try to load it Return [Assembly].Load(args.Name) End Function The AssemblyResolve event is raised by .NET itself when it can t find a requested assembly. The handler code shown here merely loops through the assemblies already loaded in the AppDomain to find the assembly and return it. This effectively works around the serialization issue by helping .NET find the assembly.
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Interface Implementation
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Caution In most cases, you ll use the resulting myVertexDeclaration variable only in the Draw method,
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Remember that the benefit of a logical n-layer architecture is the separation of functionality into clearly defined roles or groups, in order to increase clarity and maintainability. Let s define each of the layers more carefully.
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Tracking Whether the Object Has Changed
// IEnumerable<T> version
A property is often associated with a field, as shown in the previous two sections. A common practice is to encapsulate a field in a class by declaring it private and declaring a public property to give controlled access to the field from outside the class. The field associated with a property is called the backing field or backing store. For example, the following code uses the public property MyValue to give controlled access to private field TheRealValue: class C1 { private public { set{ get{ } }
The tab order for Web Forms controls is set using the TabIndex property. Focus moves to the control with the lowest TabIndex value. A TabIndex value of -1 for a control means that the tab key doesn t select the control at all. To set the tab order for our example, give the minutesTextBox control a TabIndex value of 1, the lapsTextBox a value of 2, and the Button control a value of 3. The other TextBox controls should have a TaxIndex value of -1. The Label controls are not selected and can be left unchanged. If you select Start Without Debugging from the Visual Studio Debug menu and click the Tab key, you will see the focus cycle through the first two TextBox controls and the Button. The focus may also cycle to include the area of the browser where you enter the URL to view. This depends on your browser and cannot be easily controlled using Web Forms.
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