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A strongly named assembly is one that has a unique digital signature attached to it. Strongly named assemblies are much more secure than assemblies that do not have strong names, for the following reasons: A strong name uniquely identifies an assembly. No one else can create an assembly with the same strong name, so the user can be sure that the assembly came from the claimed source. The contents of an assembly with a strong name cannot be altered without the security components of the CLR catching the modification.
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Passing Additional Information
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If cloud computing market position were proportional to display size on the Oracle OpenWorld 2009 exhibition hall floor, would have a cloud offering roughly 20 times the size of s. Indeed, Salesforce s SAAS CRM offerings are popular, but not massive on a scale even approaching that of Amazon. Firmly on the cloud bandwagon, emphasizes the buzzword heavily in their marketing messages. Their PAAS offering,, is a development environment on which customers can build a variety of web-based applications. It is appropriately named, because once deployed on, an application is forced to remain there for its functional lifetime.
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#define identifier #undef identifier #if expression #elif expression #else #endif #region name #endregion name #warning message #error message #line indicator #pragma text
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Such a tangent coordinate system for a specific pixel is shown by the three gray arrows in image a in Figure 5-31. Most important is to note that the default normal in a pixel is the z-axis of the tangent space (see the previous tip). The x- and y-axes of the tangent space have to be perpendicular to (make angles of 90 degrees with) this z-axis and to each other. The z-axis is perpendicular to the object (because it is the default normal), while the x- and y-axes have to touch, and not intersect, the object. The x- and y-axes are called the tangent and binormal. The three color components you sample from your bump map contain the deviated normal, defined in this tangent space. This is shown as the dark arrow, which would correspond to a normal that has a deviation of X=0.3, Y=0, and Z=0.8 from the default normal. In a in Figure 5-31, you see the new normal is deviated a bit toward the x-axis. In the end, to calculate how much the pixel is lit, you want to take the dot product between this normal that is defined in tangent space and the light direction, which is defined in world (absolute) space in your XNA project. To take a dot product between two vectors, however, both vectors have to be defined in the same space. So either you transform the light direction from world to tangent space or you transform the deviated normal from tangent to world space. In the first part of this recipe, you will do the latter. The very last paragraph of this recipe deals with the inverse approach.
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An easy way to handle this is to create an object that implements IDisposable. This object would update both the status display and mouse cursor, and then reset them when it is disposed. The result is that anywhere in the UI, code can be written like this: using (StatusBusy busy = new StatusBusy("Working ")) { // do long-running task here } When the object is created, it sets the status display on MainForm, and it resets the text when it is disposed. Similarly, when the object is created, it sets the mouse cursor to a busy cursor, and resets it when disposed. To do this, it needs to be able to access the MainForm object. Exposing the MainForm instance is accomplished by adding a static property named Instance to the MainForm class: private static MainForm _main; internal static MainForm Instance { get { return _main; } } The form s constructor sets the _main field to a reference of the form: _main = this; This way, the MainForm object can be used by any code in the UI, including the StatusBusy class: public class StatusBusy : IDisposable { private string _oldStatus; private Cursor _oldCursor; public StatusBusy(string statusText) { _oldStatus = MainForm.Instance.StatusLabel.Text; MainForm.Instance.StatusLabel.Text = statusText; _oldCursor = MainForm.Instance.Cursor; MainForm.Instance.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor; } // IDisposable private bool _disposedValue = false; // To detect redundant calls protected void Dispose(bool disposing) { if (!_disposedValue) if (disposing) { MainForm.Instance.StatusLabel.Text = _oldStatus; MainForm.Instance.Cursor = _oldCursor; } _disposedValue = true; }
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Creating the Schema Map
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Imperative fault handling, as I alluded to earlier, is a little more involved than simple declarative handling. However, it gives us a lot more control and a lot more capability to manipulate our handler process and to be specific with how we process our faults. Imperative fault handling makes use of one new property of the FaultHandler activity: the Fault property. The Fault property allows us to create a property that will be used to store the object representing the exception that was thrown by our workflow. With that, we can then handle our exception however we need to, typically within a Code activity. When the exception is thrown, we will have access to the entire Exception object through the variable referenced in the Fault property. To make this work, follow these steps: 1. Repeat steps 1 3 from the previous section. 2. Right-click on the FaultHandler activity and select Promote Bindable Properties from the context menu.
There is a second class in Listing 10-1 that uses the deprecated method:
By defining your own component classes, you allow programmers to use your classes in Visual Studio designers. You can integrate your component class into Visual Studio .NET so that a user of your class library can benefit from all the features mentioned previously. For the designer support, Visual Studio .NET uses reflection APIs internally. For instance, Visual Studio retrieves metadata for the properties of the component class to dynamically add items to the Properties window. To allow the integration of a class into the Visual Studio .NET designer, it is often sufficient to derive your class from System::ComponentModel::Component
Further Reading
I haven t illustrated the statements in Listing 4-1 because everything in C# is a statement of one kind of another. Examples of most of the statement types can be found later in this chapter and are dealt with in more detail in the chapters that follow.
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