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1. From the toolbar hold down the Content Control button until you see the other Content controls
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Likewise, there s a requirement to update records in the Assignments table: CREATE PROCEDURE updateAssignment ( @projectId uniqueidentifier, @resourceId int, @assigned datetime, @role int, @lastChanged timestamp, @newLastChanged timestamp output )
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Data Bound Control
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The Generic Enumeration Interfaces
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Listing 6-34. game.c Continued: The Ball Creation Process
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Table 6-8. Key Properties of the System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceContext Class
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CHAPTER 10: Viewing Videos, TV Shows, and More
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Implementing Component Groupings
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C0000005 C0000017 C000008C C000008D C000008E C000008F C0000090 C0000091 C0000092 C0000093 C0000094 C0000095 C00000FD
Instantiating a Type
Data Access and Security
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