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Dealing with Common Behaviors
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C H A P T E R 21
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4. When Blend creates and opens the new UserControl, draw a green Rectangle in the top-left
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Component-Based vs. Service-Oriented Design
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Running a Hosted Application
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In the next section, you will learn how a client can obtain the description (metadata) of a device.
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I ended up using Silkscreen by Jason Kottke ( silkscreen/) for a few reasons (see Figure 10-10): Antialiased typefaces get fuzzy below 9-point, so I needed a pixel font. Silkscreen is about as small as you can get and remain legible. There are many other pixel fonts, but Silkscreen is the only one that has a bit of personality to it with rounded corners on the bowls, loops, and shoulders of each character. Most importantly, I knew that these labels wouldn t be read every time. Once users knew where the lift data was, they wouldn t need to read the label each time; they would just look at the data. Silkscreen is great when it comes to labels and small bits of text, but for general reading, pixel fonts are too small in my opinion. I used text shadows on pretty much every bit of text, but in the reverse sense (see Figure 10-10). I used a color lighter than the background to represent the highlighted edge at the bottom of an embossed character, enhancing the impression of the background texture.
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Follow this process to add each of the following four tables to the database.
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Figure 1-2. A simple architecture for a managed web application In some cases, the UI layer calls the data access layer directly. Although this is a violation of the guidance provided by the layering pattern, in this case, it s acceptable as the business rules aren t that complex and, in many cases, would be nothing more than a pass-thru layer, providing nothing but an additional level to the call stack and bloating your code base, assembly sizes, and heap allocations unnecessarily.
In experimenting with Core Location, we discovered some interesting challenges. First, because Core Location s data comes from a system-level process, it sometimes reports old or stale location data. This anomaly was particularly frustrating for early Brightkite iPhone application beta testers, as a location across town might show briefly before the application updated to a more accurate value. We found that we had to check the time of the Core Location value and establish that it came after the Brightkite iPhone application launched. Additionally, on iPhones with built-in GPS modules, the time necessary for Core Location to determine an accurate location fix could be as long as 5-10 seconds. This necessitated an engineering decision to leave the GPS radio on for the duration of the Brightkite application launch, therefore ensuring a constant stream of location data and optimum accuracy. Although this approach does affect battery performance, the typical mobile application user jumps in and out of an application rather than leaving it running for a significant period of time. Once we were getting fresh, accurate location data, we added a snap feature that unquestionably improved the overall Brightkite experience. On the service side, Brightkite not only links geographical coordinates to a specific check-in place but it also recognizes the frequency of visits to that particular location. This allows the Brightkite native application to automatically snap to a frequently visited place as the user approaches. This place-snapping functionality is one of the most widely touted, user-gratifying features of the native iPhone application. This snap feature just wouldn t have been possible in the web application. It should be noted that, in iPhone OS 3.0, a web application can request Core Location data via a JavaScript call. Had this been available a year earlier, Brightkite may have not moved as aggressively into native iPhone application development.
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