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return gcnew T(); } ref class R { public: R() { } }; int main() { int i = CreateInstance<int>(); R^ r = CreateInstance<R^>(); } The gcnew constraint is useful, but you cannot specify a specific constructor other than the default constructor.
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// Throw exception depending on sub code switch (subcode) { case "Ws:Exception": throw new Exception(exceptionMessage); case "Ws:ArgumentException": throw new ArgumentException(exceptionMessage); case "Ws:ArgumentNullException": throw new ArgumentNullException(exceptionMessage); case "Ws:InvalidOperationException": throw new InvalidOperationException(exceptionMessage); case "Ws:XmlException": throw new XmlException(exceptionMessage); default: throw new Exception(exceptionMessage); } } }
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PostBuildActions.bat file to write this part of the chapter. Some people at Microsoft are telling me that this step should not be necessary. It has been all through the beta, when it also shouldn t have been, so I m leaving the step in just in case. Try it the first time you deploy an activity and see if you need it.
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Table 2-1. Software Prerequisites for Developing Workflows in Office 2007
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</script> 3. Add an id property to the Silverlight object tag: id="silverlightObject" 4. Add a new parameter to tell the Silverlight plug-in the JavaScript function to call when it is loaded: <param name="onLoad" value="Silverlight_PluginLoaded" /> 5. Press F5 to run your application; you should see an alert box pop up with the text Silverlight function called from JS .
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Listing 6-30. drawView with Frame Skipping in EAGLView.m
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