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Figure 18-6. Casting a ushort to a byte The output of the code in the figure is the following: sb: 10 = 0xA sb: 85 = 0x55
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Common Causes of Enqueue Hash Chains Latch Contention
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enum DaysOfWeek {Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun};
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Chain of Responsibility pattern. The exact details are beyond the scope of this book, as the reasons have already been explained. However, for those interested in the sources, please download the source code associated with this book at the Apress web site (
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Enabling the Objects for Data Binding
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Because XNA is based on DirectX, it makes sense that you also need to install the DirectX runtimes. Once again, you can download this package from the Microsoft site; just search for DirectX End-User Runtime. Because this is a web installer, the download size will depend on the parts of DirectX already present on the target system.
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.NET 4.0 introduces a new method to the File class called File.ReadLines()(), which returns IEnumerable<string> rather than a string array. Reading a file one line at a time is much more efficient than loading the entire contents into memory (File.ReadAllLines()). This technique also has the advantage that you can start working with a file immediately and bail out of the loop when you find what you are looking for without having to read the entire file. ReadLines()() is now the preferred method for working with very large files. IEnumerable<string> FileContent=File.ReadLines("MyFile.txt"); foreach(string Line in FileContent) { Console.Write(Line); } File.WriteAllLines()() and File.AppendAllLines()() now take an IEnumerable<string> as an input parameter. System.IO.Directory has the following new static methods that return IEnumerable<string>: EnumerateDirectories(path) EnumerateFiles(path) EnumerateFileSystemEntries(path)
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Wireless Communication
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