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The Create() method illustrates every step in the preceding list: public DataPortalResult Create( Type objectType, object criteria, DataPortalContext context) { object obj = null;
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Figure 3-1. Creating a new Atlas web site barcode generator
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The project that was opened is a console application. This means there s already a host application built into this project. This host application has a module called Module1.vb by default. Close the Object Browser and open the Module1.vb file. The first part of the code file, as follows, shows the imports and the beginning of the Module1 code: Imports System Imports System.Collections.Generic Imports System.Text Imports System.Threading Imports System.Workflow.Runtime Imports System.Workflow.Runtime.Hosting Module Module1 Class Program Shared WaitHandle As New AutoResetEvent(False) Shared Sub Main() Dim workflowRuntime As New WorkflowRuntime() Dim Parameters As Dictionary(Of String, Object) = New Dictionary(Of String, Object) AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowCompleted, AddressOf OnWorkflowCompleted AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowTerminated, AddressOf OnWorkflowTerminated Dim workflowInstance As WorkflowInstance workflowInstance = workflowRuntime.CreateWorkflow (GetType(Workflow1),Parameters) workflowInstance.Start() WaitHandle.WaitOne() End Sub Because Module1 is to be the hosting environment for the workflow, the Runtime and Hosting namespaces are imported into this module: Imports System.Workflow.Runtime Imports System.Workflow.Runtime.Hosting The Sub Main code is created to open an entry point into this console application. This would be the entry point for the workflow, and where the process of executing the workflow would begin. You add two handlers to this code, one called OnWorkflowCompleted and one called OnWorkflowTerminated: AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowCompleted, AddressOf OnWorkflowCompleted AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowTerminated, AddressOf OnWorkflowTerminated The two AddHandler lines of code point to two subs within the Program class that make up events that are raised by the workflow. Adding the handlers, and subsequently the subs, allows you to write code to be executed when workflow is completed or terminated:
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s the more astute among you will have already guessed, this chapter is all about activities what they are, how they work, what s available, and how to build our own. We ll cover the outof-the-box activities provided by the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) that are usable from our Office workflows, as well as the activities that are added with SharePoint. Finally, we ll end the chapter with a review of the activity architecture as well as a walkthrough of building our own custom activity. So, jumping right in activities, what are they Simply put, activities are the building blocks of a workflow. Generically, an activity is just a component no different than any other .NET custom control. At a very high level, two types of activities can exist within WF, whether they are built by Microsoft, third parties, you, or your Aunt Matilda: simple activities or composite activities.
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he next topic I want to discuss in the implementation of CSLA .NET is how editable objects manage status information. Editable business objects maintain a set of consistent status information. Management of these values is mostly automated by BusinessBase, BusinessListBase, and the data portal.
You can wait for any task to complete with the Task.WaitAny() method. It could be used, for example, if many tasks were retrieving the same data (e.g., the latest Microsoft stock price) from a number of different sources and you didn t care which individual source you received the information from. Task.WaitAny(task2, task3, task4);
After many days of constant creating, tweaking, and a little bit of constructive arguing, Lindi and I had created the interface and transformed a simple puzzle game into an immersive experience. We had no idea if this would be good enough for the App Store, but it was our baby, and we loved it.
TIP Silverlight 3.0 introduced an easier way (NavigationApplication) that you will examine in 15.
foreach (string item in results) { Console.WriteLine("Result item: {0}", item); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } In Listing 27-14, the results are sorted by the first letter of each string value in the data source. Compiling and running Listing 27-14 produces the following results: Result item: apple Result item: banana Result item: cherry Result item: coconut Result item: grape Result item: lemon Result item: lime Result item: mango Result item: orange Result item: plum Result item: pear Result item: persimmon Result item: pineapple Press enter to finish By default, the orderby clause will sort in ascending value. You can sort in descending value by appending descending to the clause, as shown in Listing 27-15. Listing 27-15. Using the descending Keyword using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; class Listing 15 { static void Main(string[] args) { List<string> myFruitList = new List<string>() { "apple", "plum", "cherry", "grape", "banana", "pear", "mango" , "persimmon", "lemon", "lime", "coconut", "pineapple", "orange"}; IEnumerable<string> results = from e in myFruitList orderby e[0] descending select e;
6.12. Using Pivot Fields: Clearing Old Items from Filter Lists
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